Sunday, April 14, 2013

In Berkeley

"It's been said that men think only about sex and food. And some men, like my uncle Lester, thank about sex with food. Needless to say the church has ordered him to cease bringing his own food to the potlucks."

~Jarod Kintz, This Book Is Not For Sale

I don't know why I don't do more photography in Berkeley, in my opinion it has some of the most beautiful buildings in the Bay Area. And it has a ton of difference churches, as you might expect of a collage town. This church, The First Congregational Church Of Berkeley, is one of my very favorites to photograph. It just has a gentle vibe about it, of course I suppose some might say that's God. LOL. Perhaps. All I know is that I have taken a few photos of it over the years, and I am always happy with the end result of what I was trying to capture. It is especially beautiful in autumn, but then, isn't everything?

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~Me :)

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