Monday, April 08, 2013


"What we believe spirit visitors to be influences how they affect our lives. What we believe ourselves to be dictates how we react to them."

~S. Kelly Harrell, Real Wyrd - A Modern Shaman's Roots In The Middle World

The Man Upstairs...

I thought it would be fun, since it's been almost a year since the ghost moved in, to give an update on the ghostly happenings next door. Mr. Ghost, as Alan and I call him, is still keeping the same schedule of leaving his apartment at 4:30 AM and returning at 8:00 PM. A brutal schedule for a man half his age, let alone a man of 60-ish! For that reason alone he has my respect, just thinking about his schedule makes me tired! And did I mention he maintains that schedule 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year?! By all practical considerations he is an ideal neighbor. Quiet. Keeps to himself. Respectful of the common areas between the houses... but... there is one other thing curious about the man that h does that gives me pause. Just one thing.

He NEVER seems to produce any garbage!

For a full year now, well, almost a full year, no garbage! Well, wait, that's not all together true now that I think about it. Mr. Ghost did take his garbage down to the street on New Year's eve, and then the next day he brought the can back up to his house, rolled it around the corner of the building, and no one has seen it since! Out of sight... out of mind? Maybe, but a month ago I was up early one morning and I heard him stomp down his upper stairwell, walk around the corner of his house, kinda growl, and then I heard the lid to his garbage can slam... once... loudly. It was like his was personally pissed off at the can!

Otherwise... same old, same old.

Oh, except I did find someone on a message board who has a similar mystery going on. Message Board's neighbor keeps the exact some hours as my Mr. Ghost but instead of leaving the house every day during those hours, his neighbor gets up during those hours but doesn't leave! Otherwise the two men could be exactly the same person! Same hours. Same quiet demeanor. Same aversion to the garbage can! It's a mystery! And with the rainstorm that just started outside, it's easy for my imagination to wander to all kinds of dark places. Places where alien hybrids live. Places where one day a quiet unassuming neighbor just floats away as quietly as they came. Did I mention he moved in so fast no one saw any furniture move in with him?

Newly divorced? Alien Hybrid? Or Ghost? Hmmmm

Hey Dylan, Wanna Tell Ghost Stories?

The Easter Bunny brought Dylan and Hendrix a special gift for Easter this year, a new IKEA tent shaped like a  Big Top circus tent, and some new assorted stuffed animals for under the big top! The boys have been having a blast in the tent, and it also makes a pretty good place for a time out when someone (Hendrix) gets a little to bitey, if you know what I mean! LOL. Anyway, while the boys were playing with their new toy the other night, and while I was considering my own adventures with Mr. Ghost, I saw the boys live out a real spooky moment of their own. They reminded me of two human brothers playing spooky camping trip. Here have a look at the fun...

Hey Dylan, Want To Tell Ghost Stories?

Wait! Did You Hear Something?

Yikes...Hendrix... Could It Be A Real Ghost?
  Yes... Dylan... I think I Is A REAL GHOST! RUN!

Whew Hendrix! It Was Just Donald Trump On A Macy's Commercial!
Yes, WHEW! But Just In Case, Can We Have The Light On Mommy?

My The Boys Went To Bed Without A Fuss Tonight! Hmmm!

Little boy humans, little boy cats... there's not a lot of difference! LOL.

Love is love and fun is fun, and I am happy with my boys! :)

Mood: Happy

~Me :)

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