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Round Robin Challenge: Long Ago And Far Away

"Boy life takes a long time to live."

~Stephen Wright

RRC: Long Ago And Far Away

LOL. Yep, life does take a long time to live, which has it's pluses and minuses I suppose. I know one thing, I am so happy my camera, for the most part, has been by my side. Gosh, I say camera like I have only had one, when in fact, I think it's more like 25 or so cameras in my lifetime. I began taking pictures at a young age. I was about 7 or so, or maybe younger. I don't remember when I took my first picture, but I do know when I made the connection in my mind about how important it was to me to save the little moments. The BIG ones, usually took care of themselves... and weren't moments I cared to ever see again.

So let's begin a small journey shall we?

The 580 Angel 1998

Unless you know exactly where to look while traveling east on HWY 580, between Castro Valley and Pleasanton, in the East Bay, you wouldn't see her. But she is there, watching over the travelers that pass by each day. Honestly, I don't know much about who, or why the statue was placed where it is, I think I heard that it was simply put there to inspire travelers to be careful. In any case, she makes me feel good when I see her, especially at night when the owners of the property she is on, turns on the soft lights that frame her. I always smile and say goodnight to the angel.

The Autumn Church 1992

In 1992 Alan and I took a couple weeks in October to visit family in West Virginia, and Ohio. At last count, Alan had somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 family members... who all keep in touch... and who all love you... at first sight! YIKES! I could not have grown up more differently. Not only were my parents NOT close with their siblings, but if an aunt or uncle would call to say they were coming over, Dad would pack us all into the car, and we would head out on a picnic until after he was sure they had left! And the thing is I haven't seen my siblings...or those I laughingly refer to as my siblings, in well over a decade! And if there is a God in heaven, I never will. It's not that I wish them bad... I don't. But I don't wish them well either! I wish them NOTHING AT ALL! Anyway, I love Alan's family, one can't help but love them, and besides, now I have a family, and it didn't take long to get used to feeling happy to see them.

Did You Know I Am An Actress?

Okay, if you look very close at this photo, you will see that half of it is a newspaper clipping for a casting call, and half of it is an actual photograph of red seats. I took that photo at the Oakland Coliseum the day Alan and I were hired to play extras in the movie Angels In The Outfield. Okay, it wasn't a credited part, and you kinda had to squint to see me, and oh yeah, I had to share my screen time with the cardboard cutout of baseball fans, but all in all, it wasn't a bad way to spend 15 hours, to film one moment of movie magic! LOL. Besides, I got a nifty sports bottle, and Danny Glover's personal thanks. What more could I ask for? (It was actually 15 hours... no joke!)

My Girl 1980

This was the first cat I ever owned. Her name was Chloe and she loved me. She would follow me around, and she would do silly things, but most of all, she loved me. I miss her so much, and even now, 39 or so years later, I would give anything to see her come running toward me. One day, when I am done on earth, if God doesn't think I lived too bad a life, maybe he will let us be reunited on the other side. Whenever I felt lost or scared, she was there for me. She was my family, when my own was unrecognizable. Being with her again, well, that would be my idea of heaven.

Crow Canyon 1986

I love driving along old canyon roads here in the East Bay. Sometimes it just feels nice to be away from all the noise in the city. I visit Crow Canyon often, and Cull canyon also. It's lovely there and I need to do more photography of the hillsides and wonderful rustic old barns and farm scenes.

Point Reyes National Seashore PT. Reyes Station, Ca 1998

Point Reyes Lighthouse, Point Reyes Station, Ca 1998

This is the road that leads to the Point Reyes Lighthouse. But if you look toward the shoreline, on a clear day, you almost feel like you could see forever. It's rare to find a completely clear day along the coast, so we considered ourselves amazingly lucky to be able to see the beauty of not only the lighthouse itself, but the gorgeous shoreline as well. I didn't want to go home that day, I could have stayed right there forever.

Daffodils In A Red Vase 1999

Without getting into details, I went through a bout of major depression which began in 1998 and I basically staid there until about 2003 when I began to get back in touch with my creativity. When I took this photo, there hadn't been a day in months that I could find any joy in. I was empty inside, and little did I know, it was only the beginning of what turned into years of devastation, which ended in 2003, when one day I started a blog on AOL Journals called Ellipsis. The day I took this photo, was early on in my illness, and some well meaning friends demanded I accompany them on a trip up the coast to Mendocino County, Ca.

We were on the way to visit the sister of a good friend of mine, but little did I know, it was actually just my friends, trying to encourage me to not give up me photography. As much as I resented it at the time, I look back on this photo with happiness. I was doing photography on demand, and as much as I resented their butting into my business, I see the pain and and profound grief I was experiencing in this photo. Years later I would find out that, for whatever reason, I tend to do my best photography under pressure, and sometimes, when I am at my saddest. My photograph is very personal to me, and yet at the same time, I enjoy sharing the things I see. For me, taking photos is more important than breathing. LOL. Of course, without the one, you really don't have the other! LOL.

And finally...


Elvira wasn't the first celebrity I have photographed, but without a doubt she is in the top 3! Elvira was appearing at a Halloween Super Store here in the East Bay, and since Alan and I are big fans, there was no way I could pass up the chance to brave the crowds to get some photos! Honestly, she is such a warm and inviting lady, and you can tell she is a sweetheart! I loved her interaction with those who came to see her, and she was especially nice to those who participated in the Elvira Lookalike Contest! And no... I didn't win! But hey, it was the right way to go, who ever heard of an Elvira that only stands 4ft 11 inches? LOL.

Okay, that's my photographic moments from Long "Ago And Far Away."

Now it's your turn! Please go and visit the other Round Robin participants, and see for yourself how talented they are with a camera! And if you would like to join the fun, I know Karen would love to have you come along for the fun! Simply click the link at the beginning of this post to be redirected to the official Round Robin Photo Challenge blog!

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Martha said...

Love your long ago, far away photos Carly! I did an Elvira look alike contest once too, but I didn't get to meet the real Elvira like you did. What fun!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I love what you did here, not just the variety of old photos but the story of each one. The Angels in the Outfield composite makes me smile. Another friend of mine was in the crowd for a football movie, Necessary Roughness, around that same time! And you know I'm not generally a big fan of still lifes, but this one is as excellent as it is meaningful. Never give up your cameras, Carly!

fredamans said...

Love your cat, Chloe!

Jama said...

I love the photos and the stories behind each one. I'm a big fan of Elvira and Danny Clover, and you're so lucky to be able to be close to them. *envy*