Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Hey, Hangers Don't Grow On Trees You Know!

"Last year I built a Courage Machine, but I thought it might be noisy and was too afraid to turn it on. So I coated it with glue, covered it with cat hair, mounted it on my wall, and started claiming it was an exotic animal I killed on a Safari in Africa. I'd like to believe people believe me, on account of it being so strange that it has to be true."

~Jarod Kintz, This Book Is Not For Sale

Still battling ants. But on the plus side, I have been visiting Walmart a whole lot in the new year! LOL. You didn't really think, I thought, that visiting Walmart more often was any kind of plus did you? A plus? LOL. Well, to be fair I guess there was a plus in the fact that they had Combat round ant stakes on sale for $1.00 less than Home Depot. So okay, I am giving the devil, and the Walton family, their due. Shopping at Walmart has it's pluses, you just have to let yourself embrace the minuses.

On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice if Warren Buffet would consider starting a discount store, similar to Walmart, only a lot less greedy? It could be called... BuffMart. Or how about... WarMart? Nah, that last one sounds like a one-shop-shop where rednecks could buy bullets and wedding invitations, you know, like Walmart. Of course if you are in the market for bullets and wedding invitations, Walmart is a definite plus! Nope, no minus to be seen!

Hey, I totally get it. I shop at Walmart because Alan works hard for us, and a name brand product, like Combat ant stakes, is just that, a name brand, and good, bad or otherwise, it's cheaper at Walmart. It doesn't make sense to buy the ant stakes at Home Depot and spend extra money. I just wish it didn't feel so awful about doing it.

Bottom lining it... Hangers Don't Grow On Trees!

"Sleeping in a tinfoil suit keeps me warmer and helps prepare me for my voyage to the moon. Would you care for some licorice?"

~Jarod Kintz, 


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