Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pinkie's Bad Day

"Life is like an onion; you peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep."

~Carl Sandburg

I think I mentioned in a previous post about how much my two cats love their Zhu Zhu pets. Both kitties have 2 pets of their very own, although neither cat gets upset if their brother wants to play with their pet. Well... almost never.

Hendrix's two pets are Shamrock and Chunk. Dylan's Zhu Zhu pets are Pinkie and Rocky. We haven't seen Rocky for a while, as Dylan enjoys killing his hamsters, multiple times; and then he tucks them away for resurrection at some later time. It's a mystery as to where Rocky might be, but I know where ever he is, Dylan will more than likely dig him out soon.

Why? You ask...

 Well, because Dylan's beloved Zhu Zhu pet Pinkie has met with an unfortunate end. Poor Pinkie had a bad day yesterday, and then drowned. It seems that earlier in the week, Dylan had tucked Pinkie away behind the toilet in the bathroom, a safe place most of the time because I keep the bathroom as clean as can be, but yesterday it wasn't a good idea to lounge there because in the event of a sudden bathroom tsunami, like the toilet overflowing, a hamster could... you know... drown!



The toilet overflowed.

And Pinkie was caught up in the tsunami.

And sure enough... he drowned.

As the multiple gallons of aue de toilette flowed out of the bottom, top and sides of the bathroom utility, there came Pinkie, flowing out of the bathroom, and into the hallway.

It was very sad, but FUNNY AS HELL!

Pinkie's usual dialog of  "Well, well, well. Awww. Love me." but now sounded more like "Meh, meh meh. ErrrErrr. Glob E." Poor little Pinkie, his pink fur soaked to the bone... um... hard outer shell. My boy witnessed his friend, floating battery chamber up, riding the wave into the previously dry hallway, and it was clear, DYLAN was NOT amused.

I had to take care of the flowing toilet water first, so by the time I got around to retrieving Pinkie from his watery drama, it was too late. Pinkie was gone.

I felt sorry for the little guy, so I put Pinkie on the counter in the bathroom, with the intention of attempting to dry him out today. Nah, it couldn't be done. Pinkie was indeed deceased. I know that because at about 4:45 am, I heard Dylan pick up Pinkie, and throw him to the floor as he always does when he wants to play. Except this time, Pinkie didn't respond. When he realized that Pinkie wasn't in any condition to play, Dylan did what all little boys do when they need help, he came to his momma.

Dylan grabbed Pinkie, jumped onto the bed, and tossed the hamster hard, right at my face, hitting me in the nose.

Me: Ouch!
Dylan: MEOW!


Pinkie had a very bad day yesterday!

So did Dylan!

And my day was no barrel of hamsters either!

Tomorrow will be better though. I will head out to Walmart, and see if I can purchase Dylan a new hamster friend. Maybe this time we will get Scoodles, or Moo. But I already know Dylan loved Pinkie, so I will probably just replace dead Pinkie with another live Pinkie. We'll see.

Little boy cats, little boy humans... there is no real difference.

I love my boys!

"No day is so bad that it can't be fixed with a nap."

~Carrie P. Snow


~Me :)

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Nature's Sound said...

Such a funny story. You make your cats sound so human!