Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Rain, The Christmas Lights And Everything

"Do we not each dream of dreams? Do we not dance on the notes of lost memories? Then are we not each dreamers of tomorrow and yesterday and yesterday, since dreams play when time is askew? Are we not all adrift in the constant sea of trial and when all is done, do we not all year for ships to carry us home?

~Nathan Reese Maher

Yesterday, the first of three late autumn rainstorms moved through the Bay Area. It wasn't the worst rainstorm of the three, there is definitely bigger ones on the way, but it rained pretty consistantly all day. It was fun to see what light does with rain sometimes. With Christmas lights twinkling behind the tiny beads of water, it reminds me of the colorful little sprinkles of sugar you sometimes find on the top of sugar cookies.


I think I will make a batch of sugar cookies... or maybe Snickerdoodles.

Yes, definietly Snickerdoodles.

And maybe some Spiced Apple Cider.

Yes, Spiced Apple Cider with whipped cream.

And just a dash of colored sugar sprinkled on top.

Red sugar. Or should it be green?



~Me :)


jr cline said...

That is a wonderful picture!!!! w00t! w00t! Love it.
I haven't been posting pictures because I am having problems with blogger. It keeps wanting me to sign in again and then says that feature isn't available. Beats me. I'll keep working on it.

Nathan Reese Maher said...

Thanks for quoting me.