Thursday, August 09, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 91~ Plan B Is A B

"Plans are an invitation to disappointment."

~Steve Maraboli

I know what you're thinking. The picture above doesn't look like a picture of Woody Allen. And you are right! It really doesn't does it? Well, there is a good reason... you see... Alan and I had one of our unplanned adventures today, and it took place about a million miles away from anywhere Woody Allen was today. Well, okay, that might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but sometimes, a miss is as good as a million miles... right?

Funny Story...

Last night, I finished up my blog post. Turned off the computer. And set about packing all the things one would need for a day of stalking a brilliant artist named Woody Allen. You would think it wouldn't take that much to end up with a successful day of stalking, but you see, I have been told, by more than one man in my lifetime, that I am the type of woman that is... well... you know... HIGH MAINTENANCE. I have always denied that that characterization of me had ANY merit. After all, I live with me, and I do so quite successfully, and mind you, I am never late for an appointment. Now how many "HIGH MAINTENANCE" women can say that?

Anyway, last night I set about my camera bags. In went a new package of SD cards. A Ziploc with a ton of AA batteries. Assorted scrunchies, fabric hair bands,  and hair clips, because it is VERY important to keep one's hair out of one's eyes when stalking an artistic GOD. Also added to the camera bag was three packages of snacks. Gummie Bears. Pizza flavored Pepperidge Goldfish, and 2 mint Milanos. As a diabetic I have to carry a few different snacks, just in case my blood decides to drop like a wayward cannonball in an unsuspecting neighborhood.

I had a close call with my blood suddenly dropping last Monday. It scared the heck out of Alan and didn't do much for my nerves either. So, Alan made a point to insist upon reminding me to pack the snack bag. 

And yep... CHECK. Snack bag was packed.

Next on the list was to make sure all 3 cameras were cleaned top to bottom, back to front.

And yep... CHECK. Cameras were clean.

Next came the binoculars. Why binoculars? In case we didn't find Woody Allen, but did find birds. We like bird hunting. :)

Okay. Good Job. The camera bag was all packed and ready.

Now my purse.

LOL. Don't worry, I wont list the entire contents of my purse, but I will say I had everything I needed. 


When I got up this morning, I found that Alan had gone out and brought us back some delicious Starbucks nutrition. YUM. My Wednesday was getting off to a great start! Just before it was time to leave, I decided to check my emails on the computer, rather than on my phone as I usually do. I didn't want to go, if there was something I could take care of now, rather than later. Why did I tempt fate? Sigh. 


To my profound sadness, I found that my computer was dead. And not just any kind of dead. DEAD AS A DOORNAIL DEAD. Marley's ghost kind of DEAD. Pushing up daisies kind of DEAD. Sigh. Special kind of DEAD. DEAD with raisins on top. DEAD.

So, long story short. No stalking Woody Allen. No trip to San Francisco. No trip to Marin County. No lunch in Corte Madera. No Nothing. Sorry, I know I used a double negative just then, but sometimes, they have their place. 


But on the bright side, I am writing this blog post from the keyboard of my brand new computer. It is an awesome machine, and I will take it's portrait soon and share it with you. It's a cutie. Not as cute as Woody Allen, but cute all the same. And hey, while I know I probably won't get another chance to photograph him from afar again in my lifetime, at least I am not sitting here, sharing about how I either scared the HELL out of Woody Allen, or how I had the chance to shake his hand, but couldn't because I fell down in a heap of a embarrassing celebrity mishap.

Life happens the way it's supposed to.


It just does. And knowing that means that the disappointment hurts a little less. And Plan Bs really do have their place. But hey, there's always hope. Right?

Someday... Woody Allen... Someday!

"Announcing your plans is a good way to hear God laugh."

~David Milch

~Me :)

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jr cline said...

I think God laughs at me a lot.
Getting a new computer is awesome. I'm going to have to have one soon. I've been plinking along on this one for a long time and it is beginning to act funny.