Friday, August 31, 2012

A Photo A Day For 6 Months: Day 113~ The View From Up There

"There have been times I have thought some dreams should never be dreamt, but I would hate a world where that was true."

~Daniel Amory, Minor Snobs

Alan and I tried to find Woody Allen again on Wednesday, but alas he wasn't at his last location at Claremont and Ulloa, and there wasn't any mention of his moving to a different neighborhood on any social media, so unless he turns up somewhere today, I think I have seen him for the last time. Well, in San Francisco anyway. I suppose I could actually make it to New York one day, that is still my number one daydream, and if it does come true I would see him in person again, but there are other New York moments that could come true as well.

You never know what funny little twists and turns life has in store. Good and bad. While I am far from feeling distraught about turning 50 this year, I am thankful for my new found appreciation of life. I am not afraid to get into that small plane this year. I am equally confident about the whale watching trip we have also booked. Just a few years ago I probably wouldn't have considered doing either of those things, but sitting here, considering both activities, the very idea of either fills me with nothing but eager anticipation and dare I say... happiness!

Life, and GOD both have a sense of humor!

After I realized that I wasn't going to find Woody, I decided to go up to Twin Peaks to do a new set of daytime photos of the amazing view of San Francisco. I got what I needed, but I need to do a set of sunset and evening photos from there as well. I am crazy in love with San Francisco, and the Bay Area in general. And with so much to inspire me,  I think this year might bring my best photography yet! At least I hope so. That is the goal anyway. I am getting my groove back I think, and I am so thankful for that! Thanks for being patient with me my friend JR, and my regular lurkers, I know you are out there, and it feels good to know I am not alone. Your encouragement has meant so much to me!

:) = Happiness

Oh, and here is one more picture from August 28th. It seems he and I made inadvertent eye contact in a second photo! Cool. Weird. But very cool!


:)= Happiness Again!

"Imagine a delicious glass of summer iced tea.
Take a long cool sip. Listen to the ice crackle and clink. 
Is the glass full or part empty?
Take another sip.
And now?"

~Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration


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