Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flag Etiquette... LEARN IT!

"I prefer a man who will burn the flag, and then wrap himself in the Constitution to a man who will burn the Constitution and then wrap himself in the flag."

-Craig Washington

PET PEEVE... It's the flag of our country, it should NEVER be used as apparel! Just once I wish that when Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin would open one of their Hootenanny's with a little bit of FLAG ETIQUETTE!

Since 9/11 it has become popular to see American flag clothing, and pillows and even stuffed bears, and none of it is allowed under official FLAG ETIQUETTE rules!

Oh but Carly, I want to show my patriotism by wearing my new nifty FLAG coat, hat and bandanna, besides, everyone is doing it!

The fact that flag apparel is popular, doesn't make it right! In fact, by wearing the flag you are doing about as unpatriotic thing as you could possibly do. The flag is not decoration. It is a living symbol of the country you live in, and should be considered as such.

It's not always fun or convenient to do the right thing... is it?

If we are going to relax the rules of respect for the American Flag, the living symbol of our country, then where does it stop?

Just once, I would like to see Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin address that!

Flag Rules And Regulations

The Flag Of The United States Of America

United States Flag Code


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