Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sharing A Smile, And Some Trivia, On My Birthday

Unstrange Phenomena


It's my birthday, so I am sharing a smile with all of you! So smile already!If you want to see what I am up to today, stay tuned to my Twitter page to see where I am and what I am doing! If you haven't already joined me, you are more then welcome to come along for the fun!

Carly on Twitter

I don't officially turn 48 until 10:35 PM tonight! So, I am hanging onto 47 with both hands! LOL. Do you know what time you were born? If so, feel free to share!

Just a bit of fun trivia, I am 1094 days older then Rosemary's Baby!

I share my birthday with...

Ray Harryhausen
Sharon Lawrence
Little Eva
Richard Lewis
Kimberlin Brown

I am in good company methinks!

It's a good day.



fredamans said...

Happy birthday Carly!

Wil said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo, and many happy returns of the day. My granddaughter shares the same natal day. Maybe that's why she's the way she is?

Wammy said...

Have a supr birthday!

Jama said...

Happy Birthday Carly! have an enjoyable celebrations with your love ones.

Nancy said...

Well then...a very happy Birthday to ya! Welcome to MY world..I'm 48 too! It's not so bad... : )


Patrick said...

Happy belated birthday.

Unfortunately, I was at a shoot at an MDA camp with NO internet coverage at all. (And yes, I quickly realized how internet-dependent I've become!)

Hope you had a great day! :)