Monday, June 28, 2010

Ellipsis Monday Photo Shoot #96: Your World And Welcome To It!

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."

-Albert Einstein

It's my birthday this week, so I thought it would be fun if we got a bit interactive. I would love to have the chance to visit each of you, and let you show me around your favorite places to go with the camera. Alas... it is not meant to be this year, but hey, we can do the next best thing... right? Folks, this week I want you to grab your cameras, and your creativity, and show me the places you would take me if we could go on a photo jaunt together! IT'S YOUR WORLD, WELCOME ME TO IT!

Extra Credit: Include with your photograph, the time of day, the day of the week, and where it is located on Google Maps!

This Monday Photo Shoot assignment closes next Sunday evening at 9:00 PM ET. Please submit your entries by that time by uploading your photo to your blog, journal or website, and then comeback here with the link that goes back to your entry. The link you leave must be to an entry which is specific to this week's assignment. A general link to your site will not work, and HYPERLINKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED. Also, please include a link in your entry to this photos shoot assignment so that other folks can find us and participate with us. The more the merrier... right? ;)

Linking List for EMPS #95: Organic Food 06/21/10

1. Suzanne

2. Jama

3. Karen

NOTE: Karen will get mad at me if I fail to mention I kinda borrowed the title for this assignment from James Thurber! LOL. Well, she's right... gotta give credit where it's due!!! ;)

I will be looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week! :) If I don't see you until after the 4th of July holiday... HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!



Carolyn Ford said...

I absolutely LOVE your photo of the gull and Golden Gate Bridge! The light and composition are so unique...This one grabbed my attention in a big way!

fredamans said...

Wonderful shot of a landmark!

Here is my submission;

Jama said...

Lovely photo of the gull against the bridge, so eye- catching! I've posted mine, you're ready to by your air-ticket to Singapore?

Greg said...

Hey Carly, sorry I missed last week, but I don't think I even know what organic food is. Anyway, I would be honored to take you along on a trek to some of my favorite places. Hers is the link, bring some good boots, and some water.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

I am going to wear you down until you actually come to see my beautiful desert. *Sigh* Someday, when we both have money, this will happen!