Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shamelss Self Promotion... But In A Good Way!

"Easy reading, is damn hard writing."

-Nathaniel Hawthorne

Guess what? The magnificent meme, Weekend Assignment, that I co-host with my pal Karen, has a brand new home! If you have always wanted to participant in a fun little meme of writing, come on down! If you just want done something different, or maybe meet new folks, or just shake things up a bit, boy do I have a meme for you!

The Weekend Assignment has been around for years, since 2004 to be exact! Started by John Scalzi, and passed onto Karen after the implosion of AOL Journals, the meme has lived to see another day. It is the same old meme, in a brand new place. Come on, flex your writing skills and hop on board. A brand new assignment will be posted tomorrow (Thursday) and you are invited to come and participate!

Everyone is welcome!

Grab a pen, or grab your keyboard, and come on down!

The Weekend Assignment (blog)


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