Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Weekend Assignment #296: Scandalized

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"It isn't what they say about you, it's what they whisper." -Errol Flynn

Weekend Assignment #296: The press and the public always seem to be obsessed with one scandal or another, from Tiger Woods, to Balloon Boy. Do you eagerly follow such stories, try to avoid them, or something in between? Does the identity of the celebrity (or would-be celebrity) affect how interested you are?

Extra Credit: Have you ever purchased a supermarket tabloid?

-Karen, of the blog, Outpost Mavarin

Scandals... Well, there never really seems to be any short of them... does there? I don't know if it is a much more popular phenomenon in this decade, or if interest in the sordid seems that way because I am now on the Internet, and you can get the scoop in the blink of an eye? My AOL Welcome screen rotates between several sections including NEWS, LIFESTYLE, SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT and sometimes, Travel. Oddly enough, I have seen what would count as "scandalous," on each of these screens! Can one really avoid the scandalous? Well I suppose, but it can be mighty difficult to do so.

I suppose my particular interest in such stories would fall into the "In between" category. I don't think I obsess, but there are some types of scandals that capture my attention more then others do. I tend to follow the political scandals much closer then... say... the latest he said/she said with John and Kate Gosselin. Although I have to admit, there is something about the Gosselin's that intrigues me on some level.

Maybe it is because their bickering reminds me of my own parents, and the horrible marriage they had. I don't know. I do know that I have for the most part shied away from most celebrity tabloids since the O.J. Simpson murder trial back in the mid 90's. That situation was so sad. It was infuriating at times, but most of all it was just plain sordid, and I found it, in it's entirety, completely depressing. Another thing that about tabloids that left a bad taste in my mouth, was the relentless pursuit of Princess Diana. Enough said.

I do glance through the occasional People issue, but I don't know if they count as a tabloid. I have never purchased a National Enquirer, not even for someone else. Once in a while, my pal Beth and I would pick up groceries for each other. We lived in the same apartment building and it was just what pals and neighbors did, but the one thing I wouldn't grab for her at the store was her favorite guilty pleasure, the latest issue of the National Enquirer. Period. Not in my cart! LOL. She reluctantly understood, but I think she considered it my main character flaw! LOL.

The truth is, I find pop culture interesting to keep up with, but I have a lot of interests beyond that. I enjoy a bit of a rumor about celebrities from time to time, but unfortunately the rags that start the rumors, or spread the sordid truth, never know when to stop. You know? Sometimes less really is more. I like to pick up a magazine to see what Michelle Pfeiffer is wearing because I love her style, or what the fashion trend will be for the winter and spring, but I don't really care if Chris Brown has hurt feelings because Rhianna doesn't like him anymore. It might be boring, but it's true.

Besides, sometimes real life can give you and up close look at what everyone else is thinking. Just look at this lady's costume from Halloween 2008. It was right before the election and she is dressed as Sarah Palin. This past Halloween the Kate Gosselin wig was all the rage. I suppose if you have a scandal during any given year, and the following Halloween sees a costume representing you, then you have truly made it!


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Florinda said...

I tend to follow the political scandals a bit more than the celebrity gossip too. It may be partly because so many of the "celebrities" are just meaningless to me. And I've never bought a copy of the Enquirer either :-).