Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh No, Is It December 10th Again?

From For Ellipsis

"Curses are like young chickens, they always come home to roost."

-Robert Southey

It's December 10th. EEEGADDDs! If you have been reading me for a while, you know that I pretty much stay inside, under the covers, each December 10th. Why, you ask? Glad you asked... BECAUSE IT'S CURSED! It's a cursed day in the universe. You see, each year on December 10th something odd happens to Alan and I. One year we were robbed. One December 10th Alan was nearly arrested for stalking, when a neighbor thought a strange man was up on our roof, when in fact it was Alan who was on the roof of our house checking shingles because of a wind storm the previous night. I laughed, but Alan didn't find it funny and the cop didn't find it funny either! LOL. The one year we thought we had beat the CURSE OF DECEMBER 10th, I got a phone call from a rental car agency, the following March, regarding the car accident I had on... you guessed it... last December 10th! I hadn't rented a car that day!

It's an odd day. I really believe it's an odd day for the Universe in general.Don't just ake my word for it, ask Bernie Madoff... he was arrested last year on... December 10th! Now I don't have much sympathy for Bernie Madoff, but I do for his victims. For them, December 10th will always be the worst day in the history of forever. Sigh.

Alan and I kind of watch for the day, kinda like a weird experiment.It's become another of our very own made up holidays. What will happen this year? Will it be something minor? Will it be something silly? Will it be something profound? Only the Guardian of December 10th knows for sure, but whatever it is, it will be interesting. I will let you know how it goes on Friday. Wish me luck.

So tell me, do you believe in curses? Have you ever had something strange happen to you on December 10th? Do you have a different day some time in the year that you believe might be cursed? Tell me what you think!

Good Luck, and beware the CURSE OF DECEMBER 10th!



Jama said...

I don't believe in curses but I really hope and pray nothing will happen to both of you today!

Call me Paul said...

As interesting a case of confirmation bias I've ever seen...

Carly said...


LOL. :)

fredamans said...

I'm offended that you think the blessed day I was born is cursed!!

Get out of your bed lazybones, and wish me a happy birthday!!!


Cindy said...

December 10, 1984 my friend Paige was buried. That's all I think of each year when the 10th rolls around. :(

Nature's Sound said...

Yep, I have a day - July 3rd. Stay in bed and pull up the covers over your head kind of day ... even when I'm not thinking about it. Lots of not so nice things have happened to me on that day in various years.

Love the Christmas design on your blog. Been so busy I haven't had a chance to read your posts lately but am catching up now.

Merry Christmas Carly.

My new sweetie Mr. Gibbs sends purrs too