Friday, October 09, 2009

Feline, Furball & Feathers Friday: Dylan v The Ball Of Yarn

From For Ellipsis

"The cat, is above all things, a dramatist."

-Margaret Benson

For this round of FF&F Friday, I bring you DYLAN THE BRAVE! Is there anything better when you are sick, then you have your pets not only volunteer to stay in bed with you, but bring you tissues, cold medicine, heating pads, warm fuzzy socks and hot Chicken soup? Ooops... that was Alan! LOL. But Dylan and Hendrix were darn cuddly and entertaining and that made being sick with the flu a little easier to take.

From For Ellipsis

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redsneakz said...

It's really funny how Morris guards me when I'm ill or very sad. He won't frequently sleep in bed with us, but when I'm sleeping at an unusual time, he hops right in.