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Things I Think About While Watching The Evening News...

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"Nothing travels faster then light, with the possible exception of bad news, which follows it's own rules."

-Douglas Adams

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A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I haven't written much about how I feel about things, because just as one thing took place, something else came along before I could reflect on the previous event. Sigh. Like I said, a lot has happened. So, to get it off my chest, is an ALL NEWS version of my series "Things I Think About While..." Feel free to share what you think as well.

Things I Think About While Watching The Evening News...

1. Farrah Fawcett. I am very sad about the passing of Farrah Fawcett. What woman my age didn't have Farrah hair back in the late 70's? I remember when I finally styled my hair that way, and how feminine and sexy it made me feel. I wore my hair that way for a few years, finally moving on to a Stevie Nicks mermaid perm in the 80's. As sad as I am that she has passed, I am relieved for her that Cancer will no longer be tormenting her. I HATE CANCER"S GUTS!

2. Michael Jackson. Sigh. While still feeling so sad about Farrah, the shocking news about the death of Michael Jackson came as an exclusive from TMZ. What strikes me is that it really didn't surprise me. So sad that. The first thing I thought of was that people of my generation took a jarring hit that day. Two amazing icons of my time, gone on the same day, for two different reasons. I began to hear some of Jackson's early music in my head, and remember a discussion I had with a friend when I was about 7 or 8. Who was better? The Jackson 5, The Partridge Family, or Donny Osmond? Clearly it was the Jackson 5! Yeah, I may not have realized it, but I was a fan. I am sorry about the torment MJ had in his life, like Farrah, I hope he is at peace.

3. Anderson Cooper or Keith Olbermann? Keith Olbermann. :)

4. North Korea. Shit. So, in an act of defiance, they decided to launch more missiles. I am so DAMN tired of little shit countries kicking America in the shins. For the most part I am a pacifist, but there are times when I wish AMERICA would stand up and just bomb the shit out of North Korea and really send a message. Then I reel myself back in, and think about the innocent people in that country who are being held in unspeakable oppression, and I comeback to my senses and ideals. I don't think I will ever forgive George Bush for taking North Korea, and the threat they pose, for granted. Thanks a lot George.

5. Al Franken. It's about time he take his senate seat. Norm Coleman dragged this thing out because he was worried about his political career more then he cared about the people of his state. Shame on him!

6. S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford. Sheesh. Ok, so another cheesy politician has cheated on his wife. Does this really shock you? Really? Now, what did shock me was his going to Argentina and not leaving someone in charge? It's like he wanted to draw attention to himself. Oh well, I guess I just think that the affair alone shouldn't be grounds for removal from office, especially in that he apparently has been cleared of using state funds to pay for his trysts. However, one thing Mark Sanford may want to know... Never... EVER tell your wife that you are going to "try to fall back in love with her!" Can't you almost picture him standing there making an "errr errr" sound like he has constipation and just can't make go!?

7. Bernie Madoff. 150 years in prison. Nothing more to say. See ya.

8. Ruth Madoff. If she didn't know about her husband's misdeeds, then I feel very sorry for her. She will now have to endure life as an outcast. It will be a very different kind of prison for her. There are news reports that say that some apartment houses in Manhattan refuse to rent to her because of the whole mess. Sigh. Understandable in some respects, and sad in others. If she made a deal with federal prosecutors, or they felt there wasn't enough evidence to bring her to trial, shouldn't she be able to exist at least on a basic level? In some ways, Ruth Madoff will have it much worse then her husband will. Maybe I am a hopeless chump, but I have a small amount of sympathy for her situation, but no sympathy for what brought her to it.

9. Sarah Palin. Nothing this lady does makes sense. I can understand how the pressure can get to a person, but she has embraced the national stage since her run for the vice presidency. Sigh. I think she will seek the presidency in 2012, but will the party embrace her after proving herself a quitter?

10. A Baby Gorilla Named Hasani. I thought I would end things on a happier note. There is a baby gorilla at the San Francisco Zoo, Hasani, that had been rejected by his mother. Well, they were able to find him a surrogate mama, and he is now doing just wonderfully. He makes me smile. If you feel like you need a smile, there are pictures and videos of him. Just click the link below. :) Say hello to Hasani.

Hasani at the San Francisco Zoo

"The only gossip I am interested in is things from the Weekly World News - "Woman's bra bursts, 11 injured." That kind of thing.

-Johnny Depp


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