Saturday, July 11, 2009

Round Robin Challenge: Silence

From For Ellipsis

"See how nature... trees, flowers, grass grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence...we need silence to be able to touch souls."

-Mother Teresa of Calcutta

RRC: Silence
Suggested by Monica, of the blog, "Click Shots"

I love the fog, most of the time. The Bay Area is a foggy place, there is no particular season for it here, but somehow I think I like it best in the autumn. I bet you knew that... right? If it's the middle of July, then it's a good bet I already have autumn on my mind. LOL. In the autumn, it is still warm enough that I can handle the occasional walk in the mist. Sigh. On this day, every thing was so quiet. Not a sound at all. Not even a bird. It was peaceful. It was nice to only hear the sound of the click of my camera.

Here are some more moments spent in silence...

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

From Ellipsis Editing Journal

Thanks for the super challenge Monica! :)

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Linda said...

Very lovely pictures! My favorite is the jellyfish, with the fog and the reflected fall colors being close runners-up! Every one of them whispered "silence" to me.

ellen b said...

Good morning Carly! A foggy scene does say silence to me. Wonderful shots! Have a great weekend...

a corgi said...

I love how you depicted silence; all are awesome pictures; my favorite was the fog one; we don't get too many foggy days where I live (more along the coast but I'm not along the coast any more) but the occasional ones we get are always serene for some reason

enjoy the day


Sherrie said...

Hi Carly,
I love the foggy photo!! I wonder why fog is always quiet? Mine is posted too. Have a great day!


visualdialogues said...

I love every single shot! Theres is nothing like nature when it comes to silence. Through your beautiful array of photos, I experience complete silence and stillness.

Praise the Lord for your talent, these moments of silence sure move me! Keep up the good work Carly.

Monica said...

That first photo was ... IS perfection. I loved fall days when I lived in the Bay Area. It looks so silent and peaceful.

I also see we opted for the same qoute from Mother Teresa. It was thee perfect one for this challenge - in my humble opinion.

Betty said...

I LOVE your fog picture! It really symbolizes silence to me. I was actually going to post of fog too, but decided against it.
Of course all the rest are beautiful too and I look forward to seeing more on your blog!

Suzanne R said...

All of your pictures are beautiful and reminiscent of silence, but I especially like the first one, with the fog. As usual, lovely work.

chrisseascorner said...

Those are such beautiful shots ~ you are so very TALENTED!

Sandra said...

Carly, All of your photographs are beautiful, but the first one is stunning, it just takes my breath away, and the quote by Mother Teresa, is perfect with it. Thanks for stopping by.

Martha said...

Very nice silent series Carly, but the one at the top is definitely my favorite - The silence is so loud in that one (if that makes sense!), I'm sure you know exactly what I mean :-)

Patrick said...

I had the pleasure of enjoying a Bay area fog from the air as I flew in San Jose back in April. It was beautiful from the air, too.

Love the pictures, as always!

Meg said...

All of these were outstanding choices...but my favorite is the second to the last because it's simply breathtaking.