Saturday, May 16, 2009

Round Robin Challenge: Floating!

From For Ellipsis

"Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under the trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time."

-John Lubbock

RRC: Floating.
Suggested by Vicki, of the blog, Maraca.

Like my duck? I was in Golden Gate Park this past week, and saw this guy floating in the pond at the DeYoung Museum and just knew he would be perfect for this challenge. Alan thinks this would make a great painting, so, wish me luck, I think I will give this one a try!

I received an email this past week, asking if it was okay to use archived photos for the challenges. The answer is that we really want to encourage you to get out with your cameras during the 2 weeks in between challenges, and get something new, but archived photos are perfectly acceptable as well. It is best, however, if the photos used are ones that haven't been posted for a while. About 6 months or so. I have used archived photos many times, in fact the ones below are archived. I first showed the one titled "Autumn Duck" a couple years ago, while the photograph of the "Jeremiah O'Brian" was taken back in March, but has not been previously published.

"Pink Water Lily"
"White Water Lily"
"Autumn Duck"
"Great Egret"
"Jeremiah O'Brian"

My father worked on the restoration of the Jeremiah O'Brian after he retired. It was very special to him. I enjoy going to see it when I am in San Francisco. I can feel his spirit right with me every time I look at it. :)

So, there you have it! Now, let's go see what everyone else saw "FLOATING."

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"When the tides of life turn against you and the current upsets your boat, don't waste those tears on what might have been, just life on your back and float."


"Impressionist Duck"
DeYoung Museum
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California
May, 2009


Anonymous said...

Beautiful array of stunning photos.

Carly, you sure have GOD given talent. I have forwarded your Blog to many like-minded friends.

Thanks for check out mine and comment.

Have a great weekend.

Sherrie said...

Hi Carly,
Beautiful photos! I really like your duck photo. It certainly would make a great painting! Or enlarged to hang on the wall! Mine is posted. Have a great day!!


ellen b. said...

Beautiful choices. That would really be great as a painting. Reminded me a bit of Monet....

Monica said...

The first photo just captured my full attention. What a beautiful work of art you created!

I've posted now. :-)

Teena in Toronto said...

Wow! Look at those colours!

I played too :)

Sandra said...

Hi Carly, I like all of your choices this week, but I must say, the top one of the duck is spectacular! It already looks like a painting!

Thanks for the visit, have a nice week end.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, I agree. That will make an excellent painting. Good luck with it, you multitalented person!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colors on the first photo!! That duck is beautiful and....lucky :-) that pond looks like heaven...

all other photos are also stunning!

Linda said...

I love the pictures! The colors are so vibrant. I like the quote, too.

Gattina said...

All pictures are very nice, but the first one is absolutely gorgeous !!

Butch and Angie said...

Your pictures are great! You need to post your painting when you finish.

boliyou said...

The waterlilies look like oil paintings. Great effect!

Jama said...

The first picture is so apt, I can see a few things floating beside the duck, good choice!

MyMaracas said...

Gorgeous shots! I think my favorite is the egret, floating on those great white wings.


Linda said...

The floating duck - first picture - is gorgeous. I love the play of the colors in the water - WONDERFUL colors!

Smilie Riley said...

wow your photography is awesome i wish i was as good as you!