Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun At The Museum

From For Ellipsis

"I went to the museum where they had all their heads and arms from the statues that are in all the other museums."

-Steven Wright

I took this picture with my camera's cell phone. Not too bad for a 2.1. mega pixels. LOL. Sheesh. I got up early, cleaned my camera, added some new batteries, and placed it gingerly in the camera bag. I was all set. Too bad I forgot my camera case when I left the house! Jeepers! Sheesh! It's true... after 21 you pretty much go down hill losing your memory along with your car keys. LOL. Whoever added cameras to cell phones is a brilliant, brilliant person! Anyway, the first Tuesday of each month, the DeYoung museum and the Legion of Honor are both free to the public, and last week Alan and I went. It's a great way to spend an afternoon in San Francisco! Look at what I saw...


By Robert Arneson

"Corridor Pin, Blue"

by Claes Oldenburg


Do you have a favorite museum? How about a favorite work of art? Do you take photos with your cell phone? Do you have a backup camera that you always have with you? Tell me everything!



Call me Paul said...

Did you just say, "jeepers," and, "sheesh?"

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I love, love, love that first picture! I've had a few successes with my camera phone, but probably none as good as that!

Yes, I generally have my phone with me as well as my camera, and in a pinch have used the phone if the camera was at home for some reason. But I can't use it as a camera any more, because the card for it got corrupted. And cheap as memory cards are now, I've nevertheless promised not to spend money replacing that card until I'm employed again.

Charley said...

Good questions! I have a few favorites - I'm a fan of the Met (go new york!), the MOMA, the native american museum in DC, the holocaust museum, and believe it or not, Des Moines has a marvelous art museum.

As for a favorite piece of art, I have many, but one of my all time favorites is Unique Forms of Continuity in Space, 1913, by Umberto Boccioni. It's a marvelous piece that strikes me about the impact of the environment on the subject, the determination of the subject facing adversity, and the idea of adaptability and flexibility in our goals. It's a great spiritual successor to the Winged Nike of Samothrace. Here's a link to Boccioni's piece, and a link to the Nike I mentioned.

Suzanne R said...

I have a new cell phone but don't know how to use the camera yet. I guess that's something to focus on when I have a few spare minutes. However, I also have a new Nikon Coolpix that I carry with me now and it is very handy for taking pictures on the fly. It has 10 megapixels so the quality of pictures is better than with my Canon SLR, which is so big and bulky!