Wednesday, May 13, 2009

But Is It Art?

From For Ellipsis

"My wife is always trying to get rid of me. The other day she told me to put the garbage out. I said to her I already did. She told me to go keep an eye on it."

-Rodney Dangerfield

I was out with the camera one day, looking to find something out of the ordinary to photograph. This pile of garbage looked particularly interesting to me. It just caught my interest. What do you think? Is it artistic... or not so much?

Tell me what you think!

If so, why? If not, why not?

What's your first impression?

This is your chance to play art critic.

Feel free to leave a caption. I call it, "After Lunch" but I am open to other captions. If you are feeling creative, feel free to leave your own caption for this photo in the comment thread. I will be looking forward to seeing what you come with!

UPDATE: Martha has started a new meme. I am playing along, here is the addy so you can too!




Dave said...

Of course it's art! It's capturing a specific moment in time, and that is a profound thing in itself.

Charley said...

If it evokes emotion in the viewer, then yes, it is art - if it evoked emotion in you in your creation, then yes, it is art.

For me, yes, it evokes emotion - nausea, actually!

Martha said...

Carly, this would be a great one to link to my new photo meme! Check it out...

Martha said...

Come see the latest and thank for playing along! :-)