Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Woo Hoo Free Cosmetics!

"When a cat rubs the side of it's face along your leg, it's affectionately marking you with it's scent, identifying you as it's private property, saying, in affect, 'You belong to me.'"

-Susan McDonough

Yesterday, I took a few moments out of celebrating the absence of George W. Bush, by picking up my free cosmetics from MACY*S. It seems that MACY*S, among other stores, got caught price fixing certain cosmetics items between May of 1994 and July of 2003! As a result, the unscrupulous stores mentioned in the ensuing lawsuit, were forced to giveaway, for free, $175 million worth of free cosmetics to those who had purchased cosmetics during those years. Each customer was allowed one product from a list of 19 or so products. I chose Vera Wang's Princess Body Polish (shower gel).

It has such a pretty and light scent. I haven't tried Vera Wang's fragrances before, but after trying it I think I might get the perfume as well. It is fun, and spicy, and I am enjoying it very much. It's perfect for daytime. The fragrance I use most often is Christian Dior's Poison, but I have been using that since I was in my 20's, and sometimes a girl just needs a change. I have been considering making a few changes to my wardrobe recently as well. Alan likes me in skirts, and I enjoy wearing them, so maybe I will wear them more often this year, and now I have a nice new fragrance to complete it all. Kohl's has some lovely styles by Vera Wang, she is my favorite designer, so I will go there soon and have a look see. Maybe something new for spring. SMILE. There's nothing like a free makeup giveaway to make a girly-girl smile!

Do you qualify for some free cosmetics? If you have already picked up your free product, what did you get? What perfume or cologne do you wear most often? Did you know about the lawsuit? You can read all about the lawsuit here. The stores involved in the lawsuit have until January 26th to distribute the free cosmetics. But don't wait too long, it's only as supplies last!

Cosmetics Cases Information Website



Suzanne R said...

I didn't know about the lawsuit but then I don't buy my cosmetics from any of the named stores. It seems like I might have bought some from the old Meier and Frank store in Portland, OR before it became Macy's during the time frame listed but I can't be sure and I want to be honest about it. I don't wear perfume because I am allergic to most of the heady types -- I can only wear the "naturals" ones. I'm not much for cosmetics, I guess, since I wear them so seldom. That has just happened since I turned 60 -- do you suppose it has to do with growing old? LOL!

BTW, my word verification word is "factums" -- is that a word or not? Seems like it ought to be! ;-)

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I hate dishonesty and I'm glad they have to give away free stuff. Mommy has to use special products (mainly Aveda) because she is allergic to everything!

That picture of little Hendrix and Dylan on your sidebar is so so cute!!!

I hope your 2009 is going great. It is here! My village is still up and I'm soooooo happy about that.