Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Martha's A - Z Photo Challenge: "L" Is For Lace

"It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive; it is mostly holes."

-Mary Wilson Little

And we have arrived at the letter "L" in Martha's A - Z Photo Challenge! For my "L" I chose the LACE that was on my wedding dress. I have been thinking about my wedding dress lately because my wedding anniversary is coming up in just about 6 weeks, and I always get a little sentimental around this time each year. I like to take the dress out and look at all the fine detailing on it. What can I say? It was pretty much the dress I had always dreamed of. Smile. Poofy and Sparkly.

If I were getting married again, all these years later, I wouldn't go for that style at all. Funny how your taste changes over time. I think I would more then likely go for a tea length dress, with much more simple detailing. Maybe just the lace around the top, as opposed to all over. Thank God I will never have to make that decision again! LOL.

There's still lots and lots of time to play along with Martha's challenge. Just pop over to her AOL journal (Perception) to get all the details.

Berkeley, California
September 2nd, 2008


TJ said...

Beautiful..the anniversaries are the best.
The alphabet memes are so cool.
What a great idea...

Jama said...

I love lace materials, got quiet a few in my wardrobe.

Nancy said...

Lace is so delicate. And yes, our tastes change incredibly I've found. Wouldn't it be a fun challenge to do a "then and now" where we post photos of anything that we onced were drawn to, and then now...what appeals to us more?

(feel free to steal that!)


lisaschaos said...

Lace, perfect! And if you wanna come to Wisconsin there's an event coming up called Reunion of the Brides where all the girls get to wear their wedding dresses again. :)