Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Red Dragonfly

"When in doubt, where red."

-Bill Blass

Isn't she beautiful? I happened upon this dragonfly, well, actually, there were several of them flying about, lining the shore of Lake Anza, in Tilden Park, as I took a long walk there one day last week. I was thrilled to see them, I haven't had the chance to get in really close to them before now. It also made me happy to see about 4 or 5 varieties that day as well as the red ones. There were bright blue ones and a really interesting stripped dragonfly. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get as close to them as I did this one.

I probably could have moved a little closer to the shoreline, but I really didn't have the right shoes on for the steep, rocky climb. I was really lucky in that this one kept flying up to the top of the hill where I was sitting, and came to rest on a rock just a couple feet from me. I swear it was posing for me! The dragonfly and I had a pretty good time that day. I am going to try to get back there soon, with the proper clothing on, so I can hopefully photograph as many dragonflies as possible. I think I might make this a summer goal for this year, like the bumble bees were last year. Wish me luck.

"Red Dragonfly"
Lake Anza
Tilden Park
Berkeley, California
June 6th, 2008


Patrick said...

Beautiful shots. I have never seen a red dragonfly before...never even knew there was such a thing! Very cool.

MyMaracas said...

Aren't they amazing? I've never seen red ones either. Love the shadows in that first shot.