Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happiness In A Medium Brown Brown Bag

"Manys the long night I've dreamed of cheese... toasted mostly."

-Robert Louis Stevenson

Tuesday, Alan came through the door with a medium brown bag, and a big smile on his face. "Guess what's in the bag Carly," he said. As I eyed the bag I considered what it might contain. From it's size it could have been anything from a can of motor oil, to a new puppy. LOL. "Nah, it couldn't be a puppy," I reasoned, it wasn't moving, and besides, Alan wouldn't bring me roadkill. LOL. My curiosity was definitely on high, so I decided to just take a look inside. Now if you have known me any time at all, you know the way to this girls heart is to present me with... cheese! I love cheese. All cheese. And as if the cheesy goodness weren't enough, Alan purchased a freshly baked marble rye to go along with it. :) Needless to say, we had a delicious afternoon. :)

So tell me, if someone presented you with a medium brown bag, which could contain anything, what would you wish to find it contained? In my brown bag was a 1/4 lb Cotswold, 1/4 lb Asiago and a marble rye bread. What three items would you like to see. Share. You know you want to!

"Happiness In A Medium Brown Bag"
June 10th
Berkeley, California


Suzanne R said...

How thoughtful and just downright neat!

I think I would want a new arm and shoulder in that brown bag right about now. ;-) Actually, what it reminds me of is getting sugar-free apple pie and light cream, when the store that I used to get it at had it. High in carbs but no sugar and it was a delicious combination -- a slice of pie in a bowl with light cream! That's what I would like in a brown paper bag if I could get it.

(You can see I'm feeling better this afternoon; this morning was a killer.)


Phinney said...

Hi Carly dear,

I think that in my brown bag I would like:

a DVD of National Treasure 2;

the LEGO Indiana Jones video game for my Beau;

and a gift certificate for a massage!

yes, that would bring me a smile :)

Jama said...

I wouldn't mind having that brown bag for myself too....:) he's so sweet.

Mike said...

Hmmm, how about a bag of M&M's, a nice steak and some Sam Adams beer. That is a perfect meal! :)

Janet said...

Johnny Depp? LOL!

no, I'd be VERY happy with those two cheeses, but I'd prefer some sourdough...I've been craving that lately!