Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things I Think About While I Think About David Duchovny

Mulder: Yes we do, don't we muffin?
Scully: Sure do, poopyhead

-Fox Mulder & Dana Scully, posing as Rob & Laura Petrie, The X-Files

Things I Think About While Thinking About David Duchovny...

1. Earl Hagen, who did the whistling on the Andy Griffith Show, passed away yesterday... that makes me sad.

2. Cat food is a lot cheaper at Wal-Mart.

3. Whatever happened to the guy who said, "Western Airlines... The Only Way to Fly?"

4. My Taco Bell, mild sauce packet, had the following words printed on it... "Help! It's dark in here, and I can hear laughing!"

5. Alan and I have been shopping for bicycles, I want a pink one, 21 speed, with a basket with daisies on it.

6. I found a dollar bill in the pocket of my summer shorts the other day, it was worth a lot more last year.

7. I used to have a white blouse, just like the one Rachel is wearing in the opening credits of Friends. I miss that blouse.

8. " You say goodbye, and I say, hello, hello, hello, I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello..." Hello/Goodbye - The Beatles

9. I wonder when gas prices will hit $7.00 per gallon?

10. I wonder who invented bubble wrap?

11. Camels have three eyelids.

12. Tommy Smothers once said, "Red meat isn't bad for you, now greenish blue meat, that's bad for you!"

13. The San Francisco Cable Cars are the only mobile national monument!

14. If you put a goldfish in a dark room, it eventually turns white.

15. Regis Philbin is very cute!

16. John McCain should spank George W. Bush, and put him to bed!

17. I think I want Beans & Franks for dinner.

18. Elvis has a cinnamon color to his coat, when he sits in the sun.

19. I wonder when David Duchovny will finally find me?

20. Elvis sees Dr. B tomorrow. Sigh.

21. Cows produce methane.

Do you ever make lists?

"Take Me To David Duchovny"
May, 27th, 2008
Berkeley, California


Mike said...

That's quite a list of things you think about while thinking of David Duchovny. The episode you quoted from is one of my favorites. Did you have beans and franks for dinner?

Liz said...

Interesting list you got there, girlie! Yes...I do make lists of all sorts of stuff...I love making lists. Keep wanting to make one of interesting place names I drive through/past on the way to somewhere else.

Hmmmmmmm......I'll have to make a list of stuff I'm thinking about while thinking of Vincent D'Onofrio or Mike Piazza. Maybe that'll have to be my next post.

How were the franks & beans?

~~Aunt Nub~~

Suzanne R said...

Such a fascinating list -- much more interesting than any of my lists (and yes, I do make lists). ;-) I am surely hoping that David Duchovny will find your blog one of these days! LOL!