Friday, May 30, 2008

Alan Will Do Anything To Avoid Seeing Sex And The City!

"Man blames fate for other accidents but feels personally responsible when he makes a hole in one."


As the title of this entry says, Alan will do anything to avoid seeing the new movie, Sex And The City. I have been asking, pleading, and subtly hinting at him for weeks, that I wanted him to take me to see the movie on it's opening day, which was yesterday. When I would ask however, he would change the subject. He would kiss me, pet the cat, make himself tomato soup, turn the channel on the TV to CNN, clean the grill, make Jalapeno Poppers, go out for sushi, all of these things and more, rather than commit to seeing the ultimate chick flick that is Sex And The City. Funny thing, I seem to remember that when I watched the show, when it aired originally on HBO, Alan would sit and laugh, and gaze at Kim Cattralls BOOBs
and sometimes join me in a little outrage as one, or more of the men, especially Mr. Big, did something... well... jerky! I mean even Alan knew Aiden was a creep for breaking up with Carrie on a Post-It note! LOL.

I think I knew that going to the movie was a long shot, but even yesterday I held out a little hope until Alan pulled out all the stops to avoid going. He dropped a crescent wrench on his head! LOL. Ok, well, that isn't really accurate, it wasn't really self inflicted, it fell on the top of his head in a freak accident in the garage, but man, the timing couldn't have been better. Alan had called me earlier in the day, and relayed that he wasn't having the best of days, so I told him to just come home after work, and we would have a quiet evening. No biggie. On his way in, he stopped in the garage to see if there was room to hang a bike holder, and that is when it happened. He thought he had put the wrench on the shelf, but he had missed it by that much!

"Carly, don't make a big deal out of it... I think I hurt my head a little bit," he says. "Alan, you need to go get that looked at." "No, nope... it's not that bad." "Yes, yes it is Alan." After a few minutes of heated debate, I grabbed my camera and photographed the top of his head. " Well crap! Ok Carly, call the doctor." LOL.
And within 20 minutes we were on our way. He was right, it looked a whole lot worse then it was. No stitches needed, not tetanus shot needed, and we were home in a few hours with a Chinese food and root beer feast. :) I missed the movie opening, but Alan is well, and that makes me happy. Besides I can see the movie anytime this summer, and in 6 months or so it will premiere on HBO. I'll ask him to watch it with me then... except I will hide all the wrenches! LOL.

"Alan At The Hospital"
Kaiser Hospital
Oakland, California
May 29, 2008
Late Afternoon


Suzanne R said...

Ouch -- that looks bad! I'm glad it wasn't as serious as the blood makes it appear! You're right -- "Sex and the City" can wait. You've got your priorities straight. Hubby first, and then fun chick flick. :-)

Steven said...

Somebody needs to give that man a medal! If ever there was a "chick flick" this is it. So funny.

IndigoSunMoon said...

Oh honey...I would kill to see that movie, but I think I'm going to have the same problem getting Susan to commit to taking me to see it. Shame we dont live closer...we could go together, and go out for Cosmo's later!
Love you!

Mike said...

That sounds, and looks, painful! Now that is a good excuse! :)

fdtate said...

I'm with Alan. I'd do anything to miss Sex and the City too. Since you didn't actually see this happen, are you sure it wasn't self-inflicted. I know I'd hit myself in the head with a hammer to get out of seeing it, but I'd tell my wife that it was an accident. Funny thing is that I was sort of a fan of the show when it first started. Kim Cattrell's boobs were one of the perks of the show (pun intended), but the show was smart, funny and innovative. The newness wore off for me though and now I'm just reminded of Brian's line about the show on Family Guy: "So it's about three hookers and their mom?" And the tame version on TBS doesn't cut it at all. They cut out all the good stuff and left the boring parts.