Saturday, April 05, 2008

Round Robin Challenge: Your One Perfect Scene... Captioned

"In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality."

-Alfred Stieglitz

A recent poll in my dLife (Diabetic Life) newsletter asked the question, "What is your main creative outlet for dealing with diabetes?" I was surprised to see that 24% of those who responded, don't consider themselves to be creative. I find it a little silly that one would think that they would have no creativity. If you can dress yourself, you have creativity. If you have ever had to think on your feet, really make a decision quickly, you have creativity, if you eat, you have creativity. I think folks forget, it takes creativity to get up in the morning. Creativity can be found in the simplest of endeavors.

When I was ill, I was really ill. Part of my recovery involved participating in an art class. We had all kinds of craft projects available to us, and even if nothing made sense, all we were asked to do was to make the effort. I made masks that represented my moods, I made small seashell creatures with little plastic eyes and yarn mouths, and I did a good bit of drawing and sketching, which usually ended up being pages and pages of sunsets and butterflies. I began that class, as part of my adult daycare. I was a very sad lady. Completely lost. I wasn't even speaking. Thats how sad I was. I wasn't saying anything out loud, but I would think to myself that this was an "impossible feat" they were asking me to do. The doctors didn't understand that colors didn't make sense to me anymore, so how could I possibly do anything positive in this class?

About 2 days into the art class, I dropped out. I felt lost. After a short talk with the teacher, I learned that all they wanted me to do was try. A brush stroke here, a glued eye there. Adding some sequines is a nice touch, so is a little yarn. LOL. They just wanted me to see color, and let it lead me where I needed to go. We experimented with lighting, and textures, and color, and within a month I was talking again. I even managed a smile or two. I didn't know it at the time, but I was on my way back to life, and I have tapping into my creativity to thank for it.

Now don't get me wrong. It was a long road. I had fallen into Anhedonia. That means I had completely lost all ability to tap into my creative mind. It took about 3 years of constantly experimenting with picking out my own clothes, and taking a drawing pad along with me when I had an appointment, and finally, picking up the camera again and taking photos, when I felt the least like doing so. I am so thankful for my camera, and being able to see scenes like the one in the above photo. It's was a series of perfect scenes that saved my life. It really was.

It takes a lot of creativity to be a diabetic. We have to put more thought into things then most people. We have to plan our meals, and think about how we will get the right amount of sleep and exercise. Personally, I bring the camera into as much of my diabetic planning as possible. It aids me. I wish I could speak to those 24% and show them just how creative they already are... and probably don't even realize. :) Creativity gives us hope. Maybe that is why I like naming my photos so much. It reminds me a little bit more of how, and what, I was feeling as I took the photo. :)

We have some outstanding photographers in the Round Robins. I am constantly being impressed with their creativity. Be sure to visit everyone on the Linking List and give them your support. This challenge is especially open to a wide range of interpretation, so you are likely to see a lot of originality! Just follow the links below...

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"Closing Time"
Point Montara, California
March 9th, 2005
Early Evening


Family Affair Photography said...

WoW Carly, I never realized - how much we have in common. I'm diabetic - have dealt with some major illnesses and for a while I really didn't care about life at all. The camera is what brings me a LOT of joy at this time. It's picked me up more than once. There have been days when I didn't think I could get out of bed and we had a wedding - I'd actually photograph the whole wedding and forget about the pain! Anyway, this is turning into a novel. I'm glad you found your creative side and the color of life!


Jan said...

Hi Carly, Love your photo and the quote.

My hubs is diabetic, and we go thru his trials together. They're his trials, but I try to help out as much as possible. Thanks for the post.

TJ said...

You have such a talent for many things I have seen throughout the last few years. I am thankful you found a way out of the dark and back into sharing your light.
Beauty entry Carly.
Thanks for all you share.

TJ said...

Carley somehow i screwed up.
My blog address is

TJ's Photo Expressions

I have entered so when ya can will ya get my corections.
Thanks TJ

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

Carly, I cannot imagine being a diabetic. I have Celiac disease. I'm not allowed any wheat/gluten in my diet, period. Yes, giving up bread was very hard, but gluten is in many, many products, disguised as other things, so it's a constant struggle to keep up with ingredients, brand names, and label reading. Diabetes is a very serious ailment, which has serious life-threatening and life-altering circumstances. The silent disease Celiac is more common than realized, and afflicts 1 in 100, and only 5% of them know they have it. For 4 years my health declined rapidly, and I was told to go on anti-depressants and seek mental help. I was finally diagnosed (by a very caring doctor!- I was slowly starving to death) I then started a strict gluten free diet, and now I think I can make it to see my grandchildren get married. It's not easy, but life is worth a little hassle to discover the big joys it has to offer.

Thank you for the challenge this week! If it brings a smile, then it was a good thing! :)

Suzanne R said...

Your story continues to inspire me, Carly. I know how much photography lifts me up, so it's not a surprise to me that it has done and continues to do the same for you. Such a beautiful picture, too. I also continue to battle the diabetes, as you likely know. I haven't written much about it lately but perhaps I will after my next lab tests, later this month. I am hoping for improvement.

Nancy said...

Gorgeous Carly....great story too. I cheated a little by not putting the caption ON the photo...sorry but I'm not feeling too great.


Atypical California Girl said...

Lovely photo and a lovely, inspiring post to go with it.
I find creativity in many places:
I make cards, I take photos, I write and I cook.
That last one is my favoriet way to be creative.

MariesImages said...

I agree, Carly about creativity is in all of us, whether we use with food, to create dinners & baked items,or..... music, wood, wrting, whatever, it's not just visual art. Creativity is all around us.
I took a class in the late 70's call ART Therapy, although I don't remember too much of the 70's, I do remember it was an interesting class, & we can learn so much through children's drawings.
We all go through some depressions b/c of illnesses or life changes.... some severe & some not, the important thing is we are able to heal.
I get frustrated now with painting & drawing, so photography is easy outlet for me.

This is a beautiful sunset, thank you for sharing this entry~
This was a perfect scene for a perfect challenge~

Jennifer Robin said...

Wow, beautiful colors, and very appropriate caption.
A very close friend was just diagnosed with diabetes; it was good to read your perspective.

Steven said...

Very beautiful colors. Contrast and pop. You are so impressive :-)

I can't imagine you without your muse.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Excellent picture, good caption, touching text. It's especially timely for me, as I visited a friend in a psychiatric ward a couple hours ago. He's trying to use his writing to exorcise the demons of his past.

Gattina said...

That's a very beautiful photo ! It looks like a painting !

Martha said...

I thought "WOW" when I saw your photo but double "WOW" when I read the entry. I knew you were diabetic, but never knew the rest of this story. Thanks you for sharing it. You are one of the most creative people I know, I can't imagine you going through all that! (((Hugs)))

Janet said...

love that sunset pic, Carly! I have a friend who's diabetic, and she's trying to get pregnant, so wants to on an insulin pump.

Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Great post Carly. I think creativity is commonly confused with being artistic. And even beyond that, being artistic is thought of as those with evident talent. Too many people sell themselves SO short in terms of recognizing their creativity.

Ever solved a problem????

Your photo is beautiful. I must have skimmed the description because I didn't realize we were supposed to be captioned. Oh well...

It's good to be playing again.

Chrissea said...

I really enjoyed your post - creativity... one of my favorite subjects. I do alot of Cross-stitch and my Mom always advised that creativity is good for the soul and I truly believe it!
The photo, georgous too! of course :-)

mjd said...

Lovely pictures, you presented sound reasoning about creativity. I do not consider myself artistic, but I have created a few things with my computer that I like. Furthermore, others have complimented me on my efforts.

lisa marie said...

Ah, bliss. 'nuff said. :)