Tuesday, March 25, 2008

True Colors

"The greatest way to live with honor in the world, is to be what we pretend to be."


"What is uttered from the heart alone, will win the hearts of others to your own."

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I like this man. Since last week, when he assumed the office of the governor of New York, a lot of personal information has come to light regarding his behavior both while in office and prior. Among the revelations are admissions of extra marital affairs by both he and his wife, and the use of illegal drugs some 25 years ago or so. Isn't it refreshing to have that kind of "bite me" honesty? I don't know if he has any plans to run for president in the future, but based on what I have seen so far, I would definitely like to see more from him.

I was going to write a blip last week, about what I felt was a careless remark made my Barack Obama. It was disappointing to hear him give such a passionate speech about racism in America, which really did seem as if it came from the heart, only to turn around and lump "most white folks" into a rather disparaging category. Yes, I was offended. I understand what he is saying about African Americans of a certain age, not being able to let go of the hurt and the pain they have had to endure, but I also look at the wisdom of one of my favorite poets, Dr. Maya Angelou, who channeled most of her pain, both personal and social, into creativity, rather then bitterness.

If you have been reading me for any length of time, you know I am not a racist. You know how I believe that anytime, we in America, waste a chance to experience talent, I consider it a tragic loss. So, hear the assumption in Obama's statement that "most white folk" have a particular racist attitude was disheartening. Now on reflection, I know what he is referring to, but I don't think it was well said. Sigh. To be honest, I am also a little disheartened that we are still having this conversation in this country. You would have thought by now, we would have moved a little further with things. That the color of one's skin wouldn't even be a consideration. But no. I suppose that is still back in that idyllic world I keep hoping I will wake up to find.

Of course in that world, Jeb Bartlett is president. LOL. I still miss the NBC show, West Wing. I loved that show, because it gave me hope. I always hoped Bush would maybe be sitting, with a bowl of killer pretzels, flipping channels as most me do, when all of a sudden he would come across that great show, and maybe, I don't know, get a clue! LOL.Unfortunately, George Bush goes to bed at 9:00 PM and it aired at 10:00 PM. It was a little bit passed his bedtime. LOL. Speaking of Bush, wouldn't it have been nice if he had admitted his alcohol use a little sooner then he did?I think I could have respected that in him. I could have respected him for admitting any one of the colossal mistakes he has made. Why is it such a terrible thing to admit one's mistakes? It makes us refreshingly human. Doesn't it?

Hillary Clinton has apparently stuck her foot in it. Yes, I can even call it straight, when the candidate I support missteps. It appears she may have exaggerated details about her trip to Bosnia in 1996. The point that she made the trip at all seems to be somewhat lost in the details. Did she do good on that trip? Did she misrepresent America? Does it matter? The focus is now on her arrival, not so much on what she might have accomplished. I am sure Barack Obama knows what that feels like. Folks focusing on your misspoken words as opposed to what you may or may not have accomplished. I can respect that she is now admitting that she misspoke. She is admitting that her account was less then accurate. Again, what's not to respect about that?

Politics is such a dirty business, but so is honesty and so is lying. That doesn't really leave much else... does it? Overall, I think I might like to have that honesty thing I keep hearing about. At least with that, you pretty much know where you stand. The only problem, however, is having the courage to ask the question you don't necessarily want to ask, and then the backbone to be able to accept the answer you might have wished you never heard.

"If you truly want honesty, don't ask questions you don't really want the answer to."


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Suzanne R said...

Thanks for the link to the Hillary Clinton Bosnia story, Carly. I hadn't heard about that one. The latest I had heard was that it appeared Clinton and Obama were now entering into the battle of the tax returns. ;-) It remains to be seen what the outcome of analyzing those will be. I appreciate YOUR analysis of the situations your cover here in this entry. I think you are fair to all involved. Honesty is indeed a sometimes-rare and much-needed commodity in the realm of politics as well as in the real world.