Friday, February 01, 2008

National Wear Red Day

"Red is the ultimate cure for sadness."

-Bill Blass

Today is, National Wear Red Day, to bring awareness to the #1 cause of death among women, Heart Disease. I will be wearing red today, how about you? The entire month of February is about the heart, and how to live a healthy life. I celebrate every February by doing as many proactive things for my health as possible. I have already made appointments with my physician for my diabetes check, but also for my yearly mammogram. Alan is joining me in wearing red today, and for dinner tonight, he and I are having a yummy homemade Veggie Pizza, made with a Whole-Wheat Honey Crust. It feels good to take care of myself, and it feels really good when he and I take care of each other.

So tell me, have you been taking care of you lately? Do you need an appointment for your annual physical? Do you do any research into the health issues which most effect your gender and age group? Do you get regular exercise? Do you EAT YOUR VEGGIES? LOL. That last question applied to both this entry and our next Round Robin Challenge. If you would like to participate you are welcome to join in, and hey, look, it will not only be a fun way to share your photos, but it will also be a neat little way to show off how you are taking care of yourself!

Here is what I am wearing today...

Here is what I am having for lunch...

Will you consider joining me this month, in making February a more healthy month for us? Share with me a favorite website devoted to health matters, share a favorite healthy recipe or healthy eating tip. I am always looking for new great websites devoted to health matters. How about this... I am pledging to not eat out for the entire month of February, with the exception of the last day of the 25th, when I have a date with Alan. Will you join me in that pledge? Just see how much better you will feel, sleep, and function, after spending a whole month knowing exactly how many calories, sodium content and vitamins you are putting in your body. It's a little bit of work, but aren't you worth it?

Here are some websites to get you started...

American Diabetes Association

American Heart Association

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Mayo Clinic Online

Cooking Light

Hungry Girl

Go Red With Campbell's

Calorie King

If you aren't ready to jump in full steam ahead, then take little steps, but move yourself forward. So many different diseases can be stopped in their tracks, if we just make the effort and comittment to lead healthier lives. I am living proof of that. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and with a few simple changes, I kicked it's ass and today, my blood sugar is well under control. But I would rather not see you have to be faced with diabetes. Start today. Let's get healthy, and stay healthy together. I am right here, if anyone wants to join me. :) And if not... just know, I will just keep asking, because you mean a lot to me.

"National Heart Awareness Month"
Berkeley, California
February 1st, 2008

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Patrick said...

I actually did wear red on Friday, without even realizing that it was the day everyone was supposed to wear red.

Sometimes, the "just reaching into the dryer for the first thing you find" method actually does work out!

As for websites, I'd recommend, although I like Calorie King a lot better. I'm trying their 7-day free fitness journal trial because I'm notoriously bad at actually keeping a fitness journal and I'm desperate for something that will make that little task a bit easier.