Saturday, January 12, 2008

Round Robin Challenge: Railroads

"A private railroad car is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately."

-Eleanore Robson Belmont

Gina, author of the blog, Gina's Space, submitted Railroads in our recent Round Robin Challenge Pool challenge, and I thought it might be especially fun to do now that it is winter. I look a ride to Old Sacramento, to get a photo or two at the Railroad Museum, but unfortunately the day I chose was not too good for taking photos! LOL! It was POURING RAIN. Raining buckets of cats and dogs I tell you!. LOL. It is a really beautiful section of Sacramento, and I know I will be getting there before winter is over, but for now I have a nice collection of photos from my archive. Some of them are from a visit I made to Old Sacramento, the day before Thanksgiving, in 2006. I hope they bring you a smile. :)

The Burlington Route, Virginia City, Nevada

Hayward Amtrak Station, Hayward, California

The very exciting and fun Steam Trains, located in Tilden Park, Berkeley, California

The Virginia City Train, Virginia City, Nevada

The Railway Express, vintage railroad car, Virginia City, Nevada

Be sure to visit all the participants for this challenge. We had a wonderful turnout, and I am sure you will enjoy seeing how everyone chose to meet the challenge. We have a lot of amazing photographers in the Round Robins. If you would like to join us, you are more then welcome. There is even still time to play this challenge. Just visit the official Round Robin blog, read the entry for this challenge, and then follow the directions. It's just that easy. If you have any questions, please feel free to email either Steven, Karen or myself and we will be happy to assist you!

Thank you Gina, for bringing me a smile with the challenge!

I also want to say WELCOME to all our new and returning players. It's good to have you with us!

-Carly :)

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"Autumn Train"
Old Sacramento, California
November, 2006
Late Afternoon


lisa's chaos said...

You have tons of nice train photos! And a great variety! I also like your black kitty in the pumpkin costume I saw on your sidebar. :)

gina said...

oooh....what some wonderful pix...but then i expected nothing less. :) i especially love that top one...beautiful!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Lisa's right - there's a great variety here. That first shot is just amazing; it's all so colorful, and I love the engineer hanging off the side. The Tilden Park one is cool, and that last shot is intriguing. Cool! And now I feel better about the fact that I did all archive shots too!

Janet said...

All your photos are fantastic...but that first one took my breath away!!!

Sandy said...

My husband and I spent more than one lovely afternoon at the Sazerac Saloon in Virginia City. Thanks for taking us back.

Great pictures.

MariesImages said...

These are all wonderful but the top one & the last one are outstanding~
I love antiques, wish we had an old train yard by us. I need to find a place in NY........this was a cool subject for this challenge!

Nan said...

That top picture is just gorgeous!! I love all the other ones too! Never have seen the Hayward Amtrak station as we always get off and on at Jack London Square when we come down by train. (Done it twice now since living up here.)

Thanks for the warm welcome as well! :^D

MyMaracas said...

Hi Carly,

That first photo is just wonderful, with all its intense colors and the engineer hanging on the side. The last one could be in a magazine - very beautiful. Your shots are always amazing.


Biker Betty said...

Great photos. I love the one of Tilden Park. That little engine is very cool. I lived in Sacrament till I was 8 years old, then moved up north to the redwoods area till I graduated.

Suzanne R said...

Love your pictures, Carly -- trains and train stations are very interesting to me. You more than do them justice!

Nekked Lizard Lady said...

I totally love the first picture. The way you captured the rail, the train, the engineer. Made me gasp when it came up. OOOOOOO, AHHHHH is about all I can say!!

charish said...

Very cool. I am glad to be apart of this challenge.

Gattina said...

That's a very interesting picture collection of trains ! They look so different to the once we have here in Belgium. Thanks for your comment !

barrettmanor said...

Great shots, Carly. I love the old caboose!

Martha said...

Beautiful photos Carly and thank you for the nice comment and warm welcome to the Round Robin Challenge. I remember you from your AOL days. Martha :-)

fdtate said...

Great photos here, Carly. You've done a great job on the RR Challenge.