Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Steven's Feline Friday: What Elvis Sees

"A dog will show his love by jumping on you at the front door. A cat will show his love by ignoring you, and then curling up next to you when you need it most."

-Danielle Asson

We had a lot of fun with Elvis yesterday. He was in a happy playful mood, and the weather was just right. A perfect autumn day. Alan, Elvis and I spent the first day of our vacation, in the backyard, doing a little maintenance, looking for flying creatures, and generally having fun. There were lots of small, brown skippers flying about, so I had a chance to get in some time with the camera, practicing some macro shots. Elvis loves the little skippers, he watches them dart in and out of the flower garden, as they pass under the awing were the table is.

It was a little difficult to keep his attention, as I tried to take his photo, so rather than annoy him, I just gave up and tried to follow his gaze, rather than work for a portrait of him. I ended up with a lot of nice candid shots of him. Lots of action and wonder. I was able to see in his eyes, what he sees. He is a happy little guy these days, and his over all heath seems to have improved a great deal. I think we might do a video soon, he likes the camera, which will make doing the video a breeze. :) Maybe we will do that this year for Halloween, weather permitting of course. We're off to a good start of the vacation season!

Have you played Feline Friday yet? It's a lot of fun. Just pay a visit to my friend Steven's blog, "(sometimes) photoblog" to meet his kitty Pickle, and find out all the details.

"What Elvis Sees"
Berkeley, California
October 8th, 2007

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Wow. I tend to skip over Feline Friday entries, lest I start sneezing , ;) but that eye shot is amazing!