Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekend Assignment #181: The Reveal

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best."

-Henry Van Dyke

For those of you who read my Weekend Assignment entry, and guessed that my lie was #2... congratulations... you are absolutely correct! :) While I completely adore the pelican, my actual favorite bird is the Snowy Egret. I found a beautiful one at the Palace of Fine Arts last week, but as you can see the lighting was not with me. It was in the afternoon, and it was way too bright, so I am hoping to get back over to the palace a littler earlier in the day, one day next week, to again photograph the egrets. I also saw a gorgeous Blue Heron that day, and I am especially looking forward to photographing that bird as well. We'll see what I come up with next time.

"Snowy Egret"
Palace Of Fine Arts
San Francisco, California
August, 2007
Late Afternoon

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ack! I was wrong, wrong, wrong!