Monday, September 03, 2007

The Summer Of Love... 40 Years Later

"If you're alive, you can't be bored in San Francisco. If you're not alive, San Francisco will bring you to life."

-William Saroyan

There was a free concert in Golden Gate Park yesterday. A concert to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Summer Of Love, 1967. It was estimated that well over 50 thousand came to the park, to step back in time, if only for the afternoon. It's funny, while America might be a little better off socially, there are still some striking similarities to the summer of 67, in that America, once again, finds itself in an unjust and unpopular war. I wasn't able to make it to the city yesterday to attend the concert, but it was interesting to see folks on the news, of all generations, come together to recognize such an interesting era. I think a lot was learned from those years, although perhaps not enough. I am looking forward to going to the 50th anniversary celebration, already being planned for the summer of 2017. Of course I will bring my camera, and my peace sign, although hopefully I will be wearing it as just a piece of symbolic jewelry, because America will be once again at peace, with no war in sight. Heres hoping!

Here is a sampling of how the Haight/Ashbury district looks today. It still has a funky, free feel to it, and there is something wonderful to discover and see at every turn. Just thinking about it makes me smile, it is one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco, unfortunately I don't stop by there very often. Maybe I will put that on my list of things to do this week...visit Haight/Ashbury. Be sure to click on the above YouTube video. It is the music video of Scott McKenzie's "San Francisco," which was written by Papa John Phillips, and which became the official anthem of the Summer Of Love. It's one of my favorite songs, and fits the city perfectly.

Corners of Haight and Ashbury

Haight Street Market

Jerry Garcia's former residence, located at 710 Ashbury Street

I took this picture of myself, by focusing in a darkened window on Haight Street. I think it came out kind of cool!

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

-Jimi Hendrix

Thousands Gather For The Summer Of Love Anniversary

"San Francisco 40 Years Later"


Karen Funk Blocher said...

So, is the ARR! location near where you took those pictures?

Nancy said...

How cool Carly! We went to a "Summer of Love" celebration too...go check out my blog. (I didn't take any pics of the bands or the funky folks, but trust was funky!)
Love your pics...espec. the shirt in the window!