Monday, August 13, 2007

In The Alien Light Of The Spaceship Of Love...

"I once saw Elvis in a potato chip."

-Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) The X- Files

I am all set. I have my cat, a big warm blanket, a flashlight, a star map, a pair of binoculars, and my digital camera. I am on my way into my garden, to sit, and wait for the Perseid meteor show to begin, and for, hopefully, a spaceship to land in my back yard. Yeah... I know... that last part is a long shot, but goodness, wouldn't that just be the living end? Tomorrow night I could be on the evening news, sharing about the space visitors who saw me, with their ultra-sensitive telescopic device, and decided to spend a little time getting to know an earthling, who seems like a nice lady, and who owns the cutest cat in the universe... Elvis... who they know for sure is the actual reincarnation of the King himself. Alan and I have always suspected our cat was the real Elvis Presley, because of his extreme love of food, and women. But to have an actual alien confirm it would be Enquireriffic! LOL. My cat Elvis is quite the charmer. I have seen more than one person take one look at him and fall in love, I think it must be something in the way he winks, and swivels his hips when he is on his best behavior.

I am still waiting for David Duchovny to find me. Man do I ever have a crush on that guy. Sigh. I see he has a new show premiering tonight on Showtime, but unfortunately we subscribe to HBO as part of our satellite package. Sigh again. Oh well, for those times when I miss him so much I can hardly stand it, I always have my X-Files DVD sets, one of which contains my very favorite episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space," my favorite David Duchovny movie, "Return To Me," and that wonderful Bree Sharp Song, "The David Duchovny Song" to make me feel closer to him. LOL. Someone once asked me if Alan gets upset that I have such a crush on David, lol, nah, he always says, "If that spaceship ever picks you up, just make sure you get lots of photos, and be back in time for dinner." Is he a cool husband or what? I swear no one else could put up with me. :) Thanks again Alan, and by the way, I give you total permission to run off with Tea Leoni! :)

Enjoy the YouTube clip. It is one of my favorite scenes from "Jose Chung's From Outer Space."

So tell me, will you be stargazing this week?



Tammie Jean said...

Okay, I was the biggest X files fan ever. I watched it without fail every week, and I'd always wanted to get the DVD's. I kind of forgot about it for a while, until I caught an episode one night last week when I couldn't sleep. I love Mulder! Curious about his new show, but I don't have Showtime either.

I saw the show last night - it was a perfect night for viewing!

Steven said...

I had hazy conditions but I kept checking. Could barely make out stars let alone a shooting star. Meteors are on my must photo list :-) There is another meteor show in the fall.

Nancy said...

Never give up on your dreams...


MyMaracas said...

So how was the star show? Any UFOs make an appearance?

We have too many street lights here to see much, but I'm hoping to get out to a dark sky area for the September one.