Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Visitor To My Garden

"Sometimes it's important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it's essential to take time off and make sure that your most important decision in the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down the rainbow."

-Douglas Pagels

The weather here in the Bay Area has been nice this summer. The days have been warm... not really hot... and the nights very cool with a nice breeze. The garden is coming along nicely, and with the weather so mild, it has been a real joy to spend time outside in the afternoon, just waiting for critters to pay me a visit. I have a bird feeder up, but the birds have been scarce this year. Only a few from time to time, which is a stark contrast from last year, when I swear I saw 50 different varieties come in an out of the yard. I guess it all runs it's cycles. We haven't had many opossums this year either, one day last year my favorite opossum, Ipson Pendragon, just stopped coming by, but we have raccoons by the dozen. :) In fact, I think it might have been one of those wacky raccoons that made off with my herb garden. LOL. I am going to replant, and give it another go. I still have the cilantro, and the garlic chives, so all is not lost. :)

Yesterday, I set up the tripod in the garden, to try to capture the picture of a lovely little butterfly I saw sitting on top of the stock. It is a common male checkered skipper (Pyrgus communis). I had a good time photographing this little guy, it was very comfortable with me, and so I was able to take my time. I used the macro lens, and got in really close. I was able to get several good shots, before he scampered away. I like the skippers, they are tiny, but their markings are so beautiful. I need to check within the stock, to see if any females have laid eggs. I planted the garden so it would come into full bloom in the autumn, I would be thrilled if I have a lot of butterflies among all the flowers. :) That would make for a happy place I think. Right now the only thing blooming is the Nemesia, and the roses, both of which have a ton of flowers on them. Elvis has taken up sleeping between the containers of flowers, he likes the butterflies too.

"No vision and you perish; No ideal, and you're lost; Your heart must ever cherish some faith at any cost. Some hope, some dream to cling to. Some rainbow in the sky. Some melody to sing to. Some service that is high."

-Harriet Du Autermont

"Rainbow Across The Pear Tree'
Berkeley, California
July 28th, 2007


Steven said...

I've got something called a tropical checkered skipper and it looks much as yours does. A little bit of blue on the back. Nice shots!

I've no idea the host plants of the skippers or even what their larva look like. Super common and I've not looked. Bet they are tiny.

jessica said...

great shots of the lil skipper, and if you would like, i will round up and send you the opossum that has decided to make my back yard its home. it must like playing dead because i cant tell you how many times princess has caught him and shook the stuffing out of him now. Every time i think for sure she's killed him this time...sure enough 20 minutes later he stumbles back off only to reappear a few days later to do it all over again *sigh*.

i'm sorry to hear about your medical docs have had me as "borderline" diabetic for two years now, slowly struggling to get my self back in shape. I hope *fingers crossed annd all that, and a word or two into Her ear on your behalf* that it is easily managed with diet and lifestyle modifications.

well, I've babbled enough.. hope you have a lovely monday.

Carly said...

Hi Jessica :)

Yes please, send me the opposum. LOL. I miss them so very much. Be glad you have one, they are very gentle and kind. In fact, if you dislike spiders, snails and other creepy crawlies they will eat um up for you. :) Good little helpers.