Monday, June 25, 2007

A Watched Pot Never Sprouts

"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace."

-May Sarton

TaaaDaaa! Ok, the garden is in place. We have lift off. Now... I wait. LOL. It took me forever to get it done, well a few more days then I had planned anyway, but I finally have all the heavy stuff done. The roses are awesome. They will probably go into the ground next year, but I still haven't made up my mind about that. The cat grass is coming along nicely, I planted that for Elvis. He loves his veggies almost as much as I do, but unfortunately not all green yummy things agree with him. The cat grass, will hopefully, fix that. According to Dr. "B" cats crave greens when their tummies get upset. Elvis has been feeling so odd, since the onset of his diabetes, so it made me feel good to do something especially for him. :) This will probably be the last entry I do featuring the garden, until late summer or early autumn. I have plans... so stay tuned. :)

This is a big week coming up. I have been getting all kinds of yumminess in the mail for my birthday. I signed up for every birthday club stuff I could find, and it has all come in at once. LOL. I will be eating good this week! LOL. Don't worry... I will take pictures, and report back. :) Today, is H.P's birthday. He is my best friend. He has really been there for me in the last 6 months. He is funny, and talented... OMG... he is so talented... but most of all... he is a good guy. :) I will be giving him a call a little later to sing happy birthday to him, which always makes him roll his eyes because I have a voice that can neuter cats two counties away, but it's our tradition. LOL. I don't know, maybe this year I will send a text also. We'll see. HAPPY BIRTHDAY H.P. YOU ROCK! ;)

Q. Do you ever sign up for the free birthday perks offered by different restaurants? If so, which are your favorite?

While you are pondering that deep question, enjoy the photos from the garden. :)

Purple Campanula

Pink Mini Rose

Yellow Mini Rose

Elvis... The Garden Gnome

Mini Pink/Yellow Rose

Edged Pink Mini Rose

Everything's Coming Up Cat's Grass

Alan's Veggie Garden... Upper Deck

Some people have scarecrows... we have Godzilla's.


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Steven said...

Looking good! And dry :-)Elvis the garden gnome cat is a fun one. Gardenzillas?

Have a wonderful birthday :-)