Monday, April 09, 2007

Half A Serenity Chip Is Better Than No Serenity Chip At All...

"If you as what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn't ask me, I'd still have to say it."

-George Burns

Easter, as it turns out, was a plan "B" kind of day. Elvis and I did make cookies, and had a pretty nice time, and then he and I went on a hunt. No, not an Easter egg hunt, no we went on a "where-the-HELL-did-mommy-put-her-keys" hunt. The last time I had seen them, was the wee hours of Saturday morning when I made a late night run to Taco Bell for nibbles. It's not good for me to eat nachos at 2:00 a.m., but you know, sometimes it just feels good to go for a ride, when it's dark, and I can just play the CD player loud, and sing my brains out. I have really good neighbors, for the most part, but even they don't want to hear me singing in the middle of the night. Nope. So, I took my voice elsewhere, and when I got home, I could have sworn I put my keys on the desk next to Alan's laptop computer.

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to take a drive. It was a pleasant Easter day, and I was hoping to perhaps, maybe, see a bunny or two, flopping about up here in the hills. When I went to retrieve my keys, they weren't in the last place I remember them being. Nope. Gone were they! So, I spent the rest of the day, looking under things, looking over things, looking in the oven, refrigerator and on top of the water heater. I looked in my unmentionables drawer, my purse, my scrunchies purse. I looked under the lemon tree, no small feat there, and I even looked in my spice drawer. No keys. I gave up looking at about 7:00 p.m., and sat down to have a good cry and watch Dateline.

A good long cry it was. I was missing my keys, and the silly items I carry on that ring. Items that would mean nothing to anyone else but me. The cross a friend gave me when I was going through a difficult time, which she said would ward off emotional vampires. I feel like Buffy when I look at that thing. The serenity chip I got when I graduated from Adult daycare in 2001, the year I went all "eccentric," LOL. I accidentally cut it in half one day, when I slammed it in the trunk of my car. I cried that day too. It was so symbolic, imagine cutting your own serenity in half! Still, half a serenity chip is better than no serenity chip at all! LOL. As you can see, I also have a Stuart Little on my key chain, a gift from a tiny friend... so I would never be alone.
A silver butterfly, which was a gift from Alan, and a Winnie The Pooh, that I bought myself. I don't know, just made me smile.

I think the tears were about more than my lost key chain treasures.It was about some lost friendship treasures as well, and I needed to let some sadness out. My friend Pam died last year on Easter. It wasn't the same date on the calendar, but it was Easter, so I guess I will always think of her on that holiday. I miss her. Sigh. I wish I could email her and ask her for some of her recipes for pet food, because I am worried about feeding Elvis his usual prescription food. Pam would know what to do. She loved animals and devoted a lot of her time to them. Sigh. I hate Lung Cancer's guts! :(

After the second commercial of Dateline, I decided to dry my eyes, and try looking one more place, the bag containing the decorations and accessories for Elvis's birthday party. We are doing a Spongebob Squarepants theme, for his party this year, and I had just bought the items on Friday, at Dana's Party Planet. The bag was on the floor, in my office, next to my desk. Hmmm... could they be there? Yes! OMG... I found them! :) I have a feeling Elvis may have found them on the floor, and placed them inside the bag. He knew the bag had things for him in it, as I chased him out of it several times. Each time he scampered away with a silly grin.

He always knows when something is especially for him. I don't know how he knows, but then again, he is just special. So, I think he was trying to pick up my toys for a change, and of course he put them in an important place. He is fussy about things being just so. He is Elvis. And with the finding of my keys, came relief and happiness, and a few minutes later my pal H.P. called to wish me a Happy Easter. :) All was well with the world. I just know Pam would have laughed.

Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song

Are you ready kids?
I said are you ready?
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Spongebob Squarepants
Absorbant and yellow and porous is he
Spongebob Squarepants
If nautical nonsense be something you wish
Spongebob Squarepants
Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish
Spongebob Squarepants (Repeat Four Times)

"Keys To Things"
Berkeley, California
April 8th, 2007


Suzanne R said...

OMG, I just blogged for Cats on Tuesday about how Socks took my keys and put them in the garbage a few months ago! I totally believe that Elvis may have thought yours were pretty, especially Stuart Little, and picked them up and dropped them in with his party stuff. :-)

I know what you mean about your friend Pam. My online friend Brenda is deteriorating fast. I'm very worried. I haven't blogged about that yet -- it's so hard for me to do, for some reason.

Hugs to you!

GLendaRs said...

My father would love to tell you that I am notorious for losing my keys - as recently as this past winter!! However, my most memorable key loss was his fault. He was so sure I was going to lose them he put them in his shirt pocket and then went wandering around the campground. When I went to leave the keys were no where to be found. I know I searched a good hour before he came beebopping back to camp and lo and behold, there they were ...

I have had a child hide my keys on me so that I had to call school looking for her to provide me with where they were hidden. but not kitties, my cat (deceased) Jacob would not do such a thing, he was too timid in that regard. He was a nice boy though!!

But Elvis is the bestest cat ever. I saw a cat up for adoption this weekend that looked similar to your boy .. I want a cat, but my daughter doesn't care for cats too much so for now I am foregoing having one. Did I mention that I am actually allergic to cat fur? Not so allergic that I won't one day have another ...