Thursday, September 14, 2006

Soup On A Late Summer's Day

"Soup puts the heart at ease, calms down the violence of hunger, eliminates the tension of the day, and awakens the appetite."

-Auguste Escoffier

I wasn't sure about today. The air was cool, but the sun was brilliantly hot. The fog rolled up from the bay earlier than usual, but the temperature stayed warm till late in the afternoon. It was the perfect late summer day, and yet, it was also the perfect early autumn day. I guess it was both. Sigh. My thoughts get all scattered on days like that. Decisions are especially difficult to reach, if they can be reached at all. I don't know why, but I tend to miss people more, and if I can find my own car keys, it is an event. But then again, I am not complaining, because misplacing my car keys isn't as bad as misplacing my shoes, which I also do from time to time. LOL.

With my keys, resting comfortably in some secret place, I decided to do a bit of walking today, between appointment. I am never without my camera when I go out, and I was feeling especially inspired today, because the leaves around town have started to turn. In another couple weeks, the whole town of Berkeley will explode into brilliant autumn lights. Right now, the most prominent indication of the end of summer, are the brown and gold leaves, that are serving as a crisp blanket along almost every street. Sigh.

I was a bit world weary today, my knee was acting up, I forgot my Yoga mat when I left the house, therapy was super nifty fun, and I forgot to eat, so I was feeling a teeny bit off-center. But I had my camera, so while it may not have been the most ideal day, it wasn't all that bad either. As I was coming out of my appointment with Sarah, I saw this old can of Campbell's Chicken Gumbo soup laying in the leaves outside her office. It was old and rusty, the label was faded and worn, but it made me smile because it reminded me of how a bowl of warm Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable soup, would always make me feel better when I was a little girl. I thought of a couple days when I was around 6 or 7, that had been just awful, at least it had seemed so at the time. I came home from school, refusing to speak, so my mom went into the kitchen, and made me a can of soup. Yum.

To this day, when I am feeling blue, or indecisive, or just off-center, I know I can fix myself a bowl of soup and soon I am all better. I always stop for some veggie pizza on Wednesdays from my favorite pizza shop down on Shattuck. Today's featured pizza was goat cheese and fennel. It was delicious with a bowl of Campbell's Tomato Bisque. :) So, in honor of the goodness of soup, I have created a new poll which you will find on my sidebar, so be sure to vote for your favorite flavor of Campbell's soup! And feel free to share any fun stories you might have about soup in the comments thread of this entry. Sometimes, the simplest times are the best...aren't they?

Your pick for "Favorite TV Supporting Character."

Cpl. Walter Eugene "Radar" O' Reilly - M*A*S*H

"I don't think that this place is turning out to be that great an experience for me. I mean, I work under terrible pressure, and there's lots of death and destruction and stuff, but other than that, I don't think I'm getting much out of it." - M*A*S*H (Fallen Idol)
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"Soup On A Late Summer's Day"
Berkeley, California
September 13th, 2006


DesLily said...

(other then tomato) would you believe you left MY favorite soup off the list? tsk tsk lol lol.. I like their Manhatten Clam Chowder! lol..

Joyce said...

What a great journal...came by way of Nat. I will be back...have a great Thursday. Hugs and love,

laura said...

loved this entry! perhaps it was because i enjoyed a bowl of soup today too. mine was butternut squash and it was yummy. it was a perfect way to end a very windy day here in the central valley.
hope your knee is feeling better.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Hey, none of my favorite flavors are on your poll! There used to be one called "Stockpot," which was extra thick vegetable beef. I took a thermos of it with me once in high school when I walked a couple miles to a friend's house. Vegetable Beef is good, and Cream of Tomato, the latter with tuna melts especially. When I was a kid, my fave was Chicken Gumbo. I called the little round okra seeds "gumbos."

Heh. Fun remembrance. Thanks!

Becky said...

Oh man, I love soup. I could probably live on the stuff, given enough variety. My son is a very picky eater, but one thing he loves is Miso soup (with loads of tofu). People tend to flip when they hear that a picky 4 year old loves that kind of soup. Pretty unusual. :-)

Jessica said...

Radar was such a vital part of the show for a "supporting" role. Did you know that Gary Burghoff, the actor who played Radar, is a fairly accomplished artist? I met him when I covered one of his gallery showings in Reno. Sweet man.