Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just Before The Wave Crashed!

"Woah! Hey! It's like a Koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!"

-Captain Murphy

If it's autumn, it must be time for the surreal. LOL. It was almost a year ago, that this same bird, or one really similar, or another one completely different, tried to peck through my windshield, while I was picnicking at Fort Point, in an attempt to steal my spaghetti lunch. LOL. Now this guy, is spying on my bag of extra crunchy Cheeto's Cheese Flavored snacks. I like to snack, and heck, sometimes, have whole meals in my car at Fort Point. The view of the Golden Gate is stunning, and the wildlife is, well, surreal. Sometimes, if you are among the lucky, a giant foamy wave of salt water will swoosh up and clean your car for you. LOL. Know what is really surreal? A big wave, with a small fish in it, lands on your car, then a really big or even average sized seagull comes and steals the fish off your car, but not before you scream, because when the fish is coming at you, you kinda think it looks like Jaws! Eeeekk. Trust me... you had to be there!

Look... that bird stole one of my Cheeto's Cheese flavored snacks!

A really upclose view of the bottom of a seagull's foot. Don't see that every day! See, I'm not just informative... I am entertaining! And once, I gave a backrub to a squirrel, so I am also theraputic! ;)

"Another Surreal San Francisco Moment"
Fort Point
San Francisco, Ca
September 26th, 2006


Phinney said...

not only don't see that every day, seen that...never. i have to know, when the wave washes your car for you, are your windows open, or do you have advance warning to roll them up? haha.


Charley said...

Surreal indeed :). Did the squirrel at least leave you a tip? :)


DesLily said...

are you sure that's a seagulls foot and not a pink footed dodo bird? lol

Karen Funk Blocher said...

That second photo is priceless! It's just crying out for a caption, but my brain isn't providing one. Oh well, three etremely cool pictchas!

Carly said...


Hey Phinney... yep thankfully, that windows were up. :)Although I just know one of these days I will get caught! But then that will be yet another adventure.


Becky said...

Love it! OK, next time I'm in San Fran, you MUST show me where this spot is. My camera finger is already itching.