Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Transportation

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."

-Robert Frost

We all have to get from here to there...don't we? Every since I found out that our current challenge would be, "Transportation," I have had Supertramp's song, "Take The Long Way Home," stuck in my head...again! A couple years ago, I was going through a rough time and I heard that song about six times in the space of about a week. It was playing in the background of a Lifetime movie, it was on one of the digital radio stations on my cable box, it was playing at the supermarket one day, and even the Ethereal Musician joined in the haunting, as he played a particularly soulful version one day when I was napping in the back yard. I had that song stuck in my head for 26 weeks. LOL. And along with it, the headache from HELL, and the interesting events of sleepwalking. LOL. I don't think it will be stuck that long this time around, lol, but it is a catchy little tune. :) So, I thought it would be fun to demonstrate how someone might "take the long way home." :)

I could ride a Merry-Go-Round, but I would just go in circles. That would never work!

I could fly away in a big balloon. Trouble is, the wind has to blowing the right direction...or I could get very lost. :(

I could hop onto a giant sky chair...but have you ever tried to gracefully exit one of those things? :)

I could sail away on a small passenger boat. I am only 4ft 10, that qualifies as a small passenger...right? Nah, where would I put Elvis? :)

I could catch an old-fashioned cable car like this one, and "climb half way to the stars." Half way? I don't like to do anything "half way." LOL.

This young lady had wheels installed on her bathtub. LOL. Is there anything better then a long bubble bath? I just bought some Jasmine bubble bath. :) Oh wait...she didn't have any controls installed on that thing! That would never work!

I know...a train! Remember that great old movie, "Strangers on a Train?" Ut oh! Never mind. LOL.

I know...I could ride a bike! I could even take a ride like Etta Place and Butch Cassidy did in the movie, "Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid." Wasn't that one of the most sexy scenes in cinema history? :) Ahhh... no but see...sooner or later there would be a big shoot-out. There's always a Gloomy Gus somewhere!

I think I will just take a walk. I love walking in autumn, the crisp air, the smell of the first fireplaces of the season, and the blanket of beautiful colored leaves to play in. Yes, I will use my own two feet, to find my adventures and "take the long way home."

And now a poem...

"Feet" By Edwin Carp

You need feet to stand up straight with
You need feet to kick your friends
You need feet to keep your socks up
And to keep your legs from fraying at the ends

You need feet to stand on tippy-toe
You need feet to dance the Hoochy-coo
You need feet to walk away with
And I need feet to run away from you!

Tee Hee! Be sure to visit all the Round Robins, and see their interpretation of the challenge. Thanks goes to Robin, author of the journal, "These Are The Days Of Our Lives," for bringing us this awesome challenge! Be sure to visit the Round Robin blog on Thursday, to find out the subject of our next challenge, and welcome Steven, the newest member of team Round Robin!

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Karen Funk Blocher said...

I'm having trouble deciding on my favorite shots here. I love the first one and the last one, and the merry-go-round, and... and...!

I had that silly poem stuck in my head just yesterday. Did you know that it was used on an episode of The Dick Van Dyke Show?

(Caught up! Good night!)

Gaboatman said...

I think taking the long way home with you would be fun no matter what mode transpotation was chosen. As usual, great pics! I had not heard that poem before, or had forgotten it. Cute!

Dave said...

Carly, I absolutely adore your photography! I've said it before, but let me say again, you have a gift!

DesLily said...

wow that covers alot of territory! hahaha.. I think I'd like to ride the giraffe!! hehe..

I'm posted:

Phinney said...

i love love the bicycle!! looks so nice just where it is, so i will just enjoy looking at it.

julie said...

Neat interpretation. I wish the weather was a little cooler here so I could get out and ride...

Suzanne R said...

I love the bathtub on wheels as well as the giraffe on the merry-go-round! Plus I have always very much liked the song "Take the Long Way Home." Great post!

Janet said...

I love the bike photo! It's just beautiful!

boliyou said...

Wonderful shots! I love the carousel.

Gannet Girl said...

I love all the colors in this entry. And that first photo is just fabulous.

Steven said...

It is a colorful entry! Feet as transport is best.

Dorn said...

Lovely, colorful gallery! But yeah, I like the balloons best.

MariesImages said...

LOVE THEM ALL!!! The trolley, is cool, the bike outside the shop is one of my favorites, but not sure which I can pick as a favorite, they are all great & colorful!

kmm said...

What a great entry, the balloons are fantastic

John Darrow said...

Sheesh...great quality; I can't even do that stuff. Nice job.