Saturday, July 08, 2006

Pants On Fire

"I don't consider myself an offensive guy. I'm just a harmless lovable little fuzzball."

-Rush Limbaugh

My oh my, what a week this has been! Korea decided to test launch both long and short range missiles, the official cheerleader for the republican party, Ann Coulter, is being investigated by, among others, Universal Press Syndicate, for possibly plagiarising her own column, and portions of her lastest book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism." According to the New York Post, it is possible that she lifted material from such sources as the San Francisco Chronicle, The L.A. Times, and a Planned Parenthood pamphlet. So sad. Ms. Coulter loves to throw stones, calling most liberals liars or implying as much. I suppose in her perfect world she is exempt from following an ethical course herself, because she is after all, Ann Coulter. Yeah...I'm impressed. I wonder if anything has been decided about that wacky instance of possible voter fraud Ms. Coulter is being investigated for?

One of my absolute favorite moments from the news this week was the report of Rush Limbaugh having been cleared of possible probation violation charges for being caught with at least one bottle of Viagra. It was ruled that it was perfectly of for him to be carrying a prescription that had his doctor's name on the bottle. Here is where I have to laugh (ROFLMAO!). Apparently Mr. Limbaugh's doctor's agreed to have the prescription written in his psychiatrists name, to save the boy cheerleader for the republican party, any embarrassment. Now I ask you...would it have been a big surprise to find out the Rush Limbaugh needed Viagra? LOL. And if you did actually care enough to ponder whether or not he needed it, would you really care if the prescription was in his name? It's called being human Rush, lots of folks need a little boost from time to time. :) On the other hand, if your doctors are willing to do something so unethical, do you really think they have your best interests at heart? Or are they enabling your poor behavior?

Here is the thing. There are way too many people claiming to be morally superior to other folks, and forgetting that we are all human. As humans we make mistakes, sometimes big mistakes, but we all do it. Rush Limbaugh loves to sit in judgment of people, so does Bill "SHAME ON YOU" O' Reilly, and certainly Ann Coulter. Everyone thinks that if Jill says this, then Jack must say that. No you don't. Freedom of speech was not meant as a tool to throw in one another's face, it is a liberty to be used with respect to hopefully communicate our views to each other. Without it, we would all be forced to walk around in silence. Think about that for a moment. (Insert silence here for five minutes). Would our world be better off in silence? As asinine as I find the opinions of both Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, I wouldn't want for them to not be able to voice how they really feel about things. Here is what I don't understand. Why do these folks feel that they have to lie in order to express their views? What's the deal with sitting in judgment of me for being a liberal? Who are they to tell me what my level of patriotism is? Or whether or not I can believe in God and still support pro-choice?

Of course, the practice of finger pointing and judging isn't limited to the republican pundits, we have some loud mouths on the democratic side also. Both parties have decided, to a degree, that name calling, and placing lables, is somehow clever. Sigh. What a fine example all this is for the children of this country. Being able to scream the loudest, doesn't make you right. Being able to make a positive change for the better , for the common good, makes you right. Demanding that a TV show you don't like be removed from the air, doesn't make the world safe, ending wars makes you safe. Too many people think that if problem can be hid, it will go away.What a lesson the American military is learning, about hiding details about certain incidents in Iraq. Making abortion illegal won't make it go away, it will simply mean that those who don't want to know it goes on in the world won't have to face how ugly the truth can get. Hide all the social problems, so we don't have to work at finding some real answers and some real solutions. We all want our own way, and we want it NOW! We are a fast food society, and we are dying of our own fatty consumption, a little more everyday.

"With Relish On The Side"
Cambria, California
June 28, 2006


Dave said...

Well said, Carly! I hate that we get so wrapped in secondary issues, when we need to major on the majors. Instead of dividing ourselves with labels, we should unite ourselves with the common good in mind.

jessica said...

As always, we disagree on a good many issues, and agree on a surprising few, but even with your increased vehemence lately, I have to say, you still draw me back to read again and again. I appreciate the way you think, even if I don’t agree with the conclusions at times.

And I have to give you "props," as the kids say nowadays. I was getting a bit antsy with this post, and was planning my rejoinder, when you took the wind out of my sails by admitting yourself that both sides of the battlefield are guilty of the same type poor decisions.

Although I think the weight of impropriety and stupidity is equally shouldered by both parties, I am impressed that you even made the mention.

Although I am still, for the great part, Republican in the platform of my beliefs (although admittedly the only pro-choice Wiccan republican you are likely to run across) and stand behind current policies in many areas, I found myself thinking of you as I watched President Bush's press conference yesterday, and wondering how much of a kick you would have gotten listening to me...a formerly staunch supporter...bemoan in no uncertain terms his lack of appropriateness in that, if nothing else.

One of the requirements of the Presidency is to represent the US, and even this far into his service, he is the most lackluster speaker, given to inappropriate comments and unbefitting behavior as well as just simply NOT having put the effort into becoming a proficient public speaker.

What an embarrassment! It leaves me feeling almost desperately panicked about our next election. I cannot see a single candidate on the horizon that I can support.

Carly said...

Hey Jessica

I always appreciate it when you come by and share with me what you think about one of my entries, no matter what the subject matter is. :) I learn through folks like you, so I hope you will always feel comfortable enough here to share your views freely. :) By the way, I sent you an email, I hope I sent it to the correct address. :) Take care darlin. :)

I LUV CATS said...

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