Sunday, July 23, 2006

Games People Play

"The cool thing about being famous is traveling, I always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff."

-Britney Spears

Well, we have a whole new poll on the sidebar! But before I tell you about the newest poll, and why I chose the current topic, I will just let you know that the results for the previous poll, "Favorite Family Game," can be found here. I really enjoyed that poll, I like playing board games, card games, and even some video games, like SIMS 2. My family didn't play any of those games when I was a little girl, so sometimes it felt like I had missed out on a lot. It wasn't until Alan returned from college, and we because best friends, that I ever even played Monopoly. I really enjoyed it a lot, and from there it was on to Dungeons and Dragons...YIKES...did I really just admit that? LOL. Hey, I made it all the way up to a 12 level warrior named Deidre. LOL. Anyway it was a lot of fun finding out what the most popular game is among those who read Ellipsis, so thank you for your participation!

Now, about our current poll, "Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity Behaving Badly." I have to admit, I am not usually one for the tabloids or celebrity gossip shows, but lately there seems to be so much bad behavior going on, that I find myself, at times, enthralled. LOL. Will Heather Locklear and Ritchie Sambora work it out? Will Naomi Campbell smack yet another assistant with that wacky cell phone of hers? And what the heck was up with our president giving that...uh...hum...umm neckrub to German chancellor, Angela Merkel, at the G8 Summit? Did you see the episode of Jay Leno, where that strange lady approached Colin Farrell? How weird was that? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL. Ok, the thing is, sometimes I prefer to contemplate this stuff, as opposed to the things in the news that frighten me. Lately, there has certainly been enough to be frightened of. :( So, if you want to, chime in and tell me which of the 10 celebrity silliness, listed on the sidebar poll, have you scratching your head in wonder. If your current favorite incident of celebrity who is misbehaving isn't listed, feel free to share with me in the comment thread of this entry! I look forward to your responses! :)

"Look guys, if you are just going to stare at me, I'm just going to bed."

-Elvis Presley

Note: My friend Patrick has posted an excellent article regarding some of these incidents. Drop by and give him a read. :)

"Celebrities Need A Reality Check...And So Do We!"



Suzanne R said...

I was pretty flabbergasted by President Bush giving the German Chancellor the neck rub. I had always thought he had a bit of an odd diplomatic manner at times but that was unreal. I have a friend in Canada who says the tabloids report that he is drinking again -- I hope not, but this episode made me wonder.

What is the mystery about Tomkat's baby? I don't remember hearing about that one.

I am not a huge celebrity-watcher, but I do see Access once in a while. I like to remember that they put their pants on one leg at a time, like the rest of us. ;-)

Enjoyable post and survey!

Phinney said...

well, just to let you know, i voted for UNO as our favorite family game, but the link to the results won't work today for me. =( anyway, i voted on the new poll too. sometimes celebrities misbehaving gives me the biggest chuckle of my day (so, okay, depending on the day...i'm bored!) xo love!

Patrick said...

This was a fun poll. My vote went to the Tomkat controversy, which I'll explain over at my blog.

I had a different take on the Bush "neck rub" thing as well. But still, it was an oddball thing for him to have done.

I have to admit that there are a few incidents in the poll that I don't even recognize. I think I should be grateful of that fact! ;)