Monday, June 19, 2006

A Continuation Of Fate

"Dream as if you will live as if you will die today."

-James Dean

Early last week I wrote an entry about fate, and being at the right place at the right time to receive the messages that life holds for you. Well, today I was at an old familiar place, again in my car, just outside Berkeley, when I saw the continuation of a message that is clearly meant for someone to see...but who? Is it for the world to see and consider? At first I thought that might be the case. Like is was a cosmic shout, for we mortals to remember that life is too damn short to give up our dreams so easily. But with this new message, I'm not so sure.

"Fine, live in despair." Sigh. I found myself saying those very words this past week to someone I love a lot. He is brilliant and he doesn't know it because life has beaten him down once too often. I , as his friend, have to choose between standing by and watching him implode or let go and let him choose his own path. No, actually he has that right. He says he can't change...sigh... so who am I to insist he can? We once went 4 months without contact, and then one day, there he was sitting in my inbox. He knew that I never let go completely. Once you are my friend, you own a piece of my soul that I never try to take back. That's just me. So, I suppose while I have decided once again to let things be...someday he will turn up in my inbox and I will of course open the window and say, "hello old friend." I am such a schmuck. Sigh. But for today, it really felt like a message for me, saying I did the right thing, once again. On the other hand...maybe it was just graffiti art.

Click here to read my original entry and see the other two messages.

Tell me, do you think the messages are meant for the world? One specific person?

Aimee Mann played a concert today in Golden Gate Park, I always loved this song by her.

That's Just What You Are
By Aimee Mann

In our endeavor we are never seeing eye to eye
No guts to serve us so forever may we wave goodbye
And you're always telling me that it's my turn to move
When I wonder what could make the needle jump the groove
I won't fall for the oldest trick in the book
So don't sit there and think that you're off the hook
By saying there's no use changing 'cause

That's just what you are
That's just what you are

Acting steady always ready to defend your fears
What's the matter with the truth did I offend your ears
By suggesting that a change might be a thing to try
Like it would kill you just to try and be a nicer guy
It's not like you would lose some critical piece
If somehow you moved point A to point B
Maintaining there is no point changing 'cause

That's just what you are
That's just what you are

Now I could talk to you till I'm blue in the face
But we still would arrive at the very same place
With you running around and me out of the race

So maybe you're right, nobody can take
Something older then time and hope you could make
It better that would be a mistake
So take it just so far, 'cause that's just what you are

Acting steady always ready to defend your fears
What's the matter with the truth did I offend your ears
You're like a sleepwalking man, it's a danger to wake you
Even when it is apparent where your actions will take you

But that's just what you are.

"Another Day On The Wall"
Berkeley, California
June 18, 2006


Solitary Dancer said...

That is an interesting message you found. I'm not sure it was just random graffiti art. I know I would have to give that message a lot of thought if I just happened by it.

Wow, here I come to your inbox. :-)


Dave said...

Expressions like this show us what's really on our minds as a culture and as a society.

Here's a quote for you:

"In its artistic style, a society, more than anywhere else, betrays its ultimate concern, its spiritual substance." (Paul Tillich, from "On Art and Architecture")

Someone had to courage to paint the angst that we all feel, and all too often choose to live by instead of grasping for Hope.

Your photography is inspiring as always, Carly! Thanks!

fdtate said...


I think the message is meant for the world, but after it's been painted over twice, the graffiti artist has now given up. Pity. It's not often you see graffiti with the correct punctuation.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

I like to think that the grafitti artist will get through to whomever with this one. "Is that what I'm choosing? Maybe I'd better choose another direction!" Yeah!