Friday, May 19, 2006

Steven's Feline Friday : Elvis Looking For Ernst

"As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat."

-Ellen Perry Berkeley

Elvis is a bit sad these days. It seems that since that new kitty turned up in the neighborhood, the Russian Blue, some of Elvis's friends have been hard to find. I am afraid Ernst, Elvis's best buddy, has run away. Well, that's not completely accurate, Ernst has been seen here and there by his owner, but he doesn't come home, and when she does see him around, he never comes when he hears his name. I was talking with his mommy tonight...and sigh...we think he may have adopted another family where he feels more comfortable. Much to the sadness of Elvis and Ernst's sister Molly.

My boy was lonely for a long time before we moved here, then one day Ernst moved into the neighborhood. He was just a wee kitten,but he decided to adopt Elvis as his big brother. They had so much fun with each other. It was good for my boy to have company. Somehow, I don't think he ever stopped missing his real brother, Jack, after we had to get rid of him. I know I still miss him. Sigh. I think this weekend, I will have a good, long, play session with him. It's supposed to rain cats, and dogs, so we will be spending the weekend inside. In fact, there is supposed to be quite a storm coming our way. The weather channel doohicky that I have on my sidebar, began warning of "severe weather" earlier today. Thunder and lightning is likely. Personally, I love it...but my boy will need some reassuring. I don't mind doing that one little bit...he's my baby after all.

I love sharing my cat Elvis with you, and it is even more fun to do so as a part of Steven's Feline Friday. If you have a kitty and want to play along, it's easy. Just post a photo of your cat and then pop over to Steven's and leave him your link. Go have a look see this week's Feline Friday has all the information you need to know. Thanks Steven, for the fun meme.

"Elvis Looking For Ernst"
Berkeley, California
May 18th, 2006
Late Afternoon


Celeste said...

I love seeing Elvis

DesLily said...

awwww, poor Elvis.. he needs some backup singers! hehehe..

Suzanne R said...

It sounds fun, Carly -- you and your blogging friends do the neatest things online! :-)

V said...

Yea! An Elvis sighting!