Friday, May 19, 2006

Go Away!

"We must embrace our pain and burn it as fuel for our journey."

-Kenji Miyazawa

Do you wish you could take all the hot air from the dramedy life of Jennifer Wilbanks, turn it into real gas and run your car on it? God...will this women NEVER go away? Now ok, I will admit when her story first became "news" a year ago or so, I had some sympathy for the poor girl. I know what it's like to plan a wedding, and have to face some new bit of craptasticness, seemingly at every turn. But I didn't understand then and I don't understand now, how this could possibly be news. At best it is filler. Stupid, annoying, who-the-hell-cares FILLER! I can't be the only one on the Internet who doesn't care if I NEVER hear about her tragic life again.

It seems there is a new chapter for the probably upcoming LIFETIME movie. Her guy, the guy who took her back, has called off the wedding. Sigh. That will mean a lot of toasters and waterpicks will be going back to Macy's. Weep weep. Sorry, given the actual news going on in the world, I am finding it difficult to tolerate stories about a very common, everyday, flaky moment in someone's life, especially when I don't even know them! Sheesh! If you are just as fed up as I am with this little more then gossip icon, leave me your comment. Feel free to tell me if I am completely off my rocker , you know me, I welcome all views here as long as they are respectful. In the mean time...Jennifer...darlin...GO AWAY!



DesLily said...

this is how much it meant to me.. when it came on the news, at first I didn't even know who they were talking about! duh... so I guess I cared huh? not.

Gordy said...

I'd forgotten her.

But I didn't forget those wacky eyes. Jeebus she'd make a good character in a horror movie.

V said...

Carly, that`s a beautiful quote.

Kat said...

Hi Carly,
I always wondered about that song also. My Mom has always said that she thought it was about Warren or Mick Jagger. I think Mick baby does the background singing on the track so I kinda doubt it was about him. Anyway, if you ever find out who it is about please post it so I will know.