Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Reflections...A Round Robin Promotion

"Life is a ticklish business; I have resolved to spend it in reflecting upon it."

-Arthur Schopenhauer

The water in Lake Tahoe is so clear, I swear you can see forever in it. Last February was a magical month, as far as my photography went. In one 24 hour period I went from photographing competition surfers and sun worshipers on the Bay Area beaches, to the snow topped hills and parks of Lake Tahoe Nevada. California has me forever, how many other places on earth offer so much for the amateur photographer? A mere 4 hour ride can place you in almost any photographic opportunity you desire.

When I saw how crystal clear the lake bottom was, I couldn't help but allow myself to stop, and rest, on the bench that sat just a few steps from the lake's edge. I let my thoughts drift with the flow of the water, and I let my thoughts to drift as well. Sometimes it can be very difficult to let thoughts into our minds, especially if they are in the form of painful memories. Sometimes it is the just the thing we need to do however, in order to free us...and let us move on toward happiness.

When I first learned how to practice meditation, the person instructing me told the class to , "allow the thoughts to come into your mind, acknowledge them, then let them just pass through your mind and continue on with it's path. As you breathe, allow the sounds around you...the sounds you hear every day...to enter your consciousness...acknowledge them...then let the sounds move on their way." At first it was difficult to do this exercise because I wasn't quite willing to give up control, but as I practiced on my own, it became easier and easier to let go. Now, months later, I have a new appreciation for the positive power of reflection. :)

I am excited and ready to meet this Round Robin challenge. It was chosen by our fellow friend, Cheryl, author of the journals, "Welcome to My World," and "Life Through My Lens." The date of the challenge will be, Wednesday, May 24, 2006, and as always you can post your entry any time between the midnights. If you can't post on that day, you can also post for up to one week after the date of the challenge, but you have the best chance of having your entry be seen if you post on the challenge date. :) If you haven't played before, simply pay a visit to the official Round Robin journal to learn all the information about the current challenge and how to play.

On a related note, I want to send out a warm "Welcome Back" to our friend, and fellow Round Robin, Duane, author of the journal, "sotto voce USA." Duane is an awesome writer, and a great photographer. I always look forward to seeing his interpretations of the challenge subjects. This past year has presented Duane with many challenges, both on and offline, but he always comes through with a great deal of dignity and strength. He inspires me. He gives me some great advice when it comes to my photos and writing...he is my talented friend, and I am glad he is back in the blogsphere with us. Welcome back Duane! If you haven't visited his journal before, be sure to drop by and say, "Hello," and "Welcome Back." :)

Lake Tahoe, Nevada
February, 2006


DesLily said...

Georgeous shot Carly.. love the reflective colors~

i'll check out your friends blog..

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, boy, that photo is seriously awesome! How will you top it on the day of the Challenge? - Karen

Suzanne R said...

Stunning photo, and I love the quote. I think I have my photo for the Challenge; now I just have to write my blog entry. Thanks for more great inspiration!

fdtate said...

Wow! What an entry! A great photo, a great idea for a photo shoot and a mention in Carly's blog. Thank you, Carly, it's good to be back.

V said...

"Life is a ticklish business; I have resolved to spend it in reflecting upon it."

-Arthur Schopenhauer