Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Round Robin Challenge: Signs

"For business reasons, I must preserve the outward signs of sanity."

-Mark Twain

As I mentioned in the promo I wrote for this challenge, I have photographed a lot of unusual signs in my travels. I love them as a subject, and the day I photographed this particular sign, I found the experience to be so much fun, that I found myself smiling the rest of the day. Just think for a moment...wouldn't it be cool to have two extra days in your week? The other element that made this such a fun photograph to take, was the reaction of a lady walking behind me into the store. She had 4 children, all under the age of five, and was trying really hard to keep her composure as one of the children picked their nose, then wiped it on the backside of their, apparently, least favorite sibling! LOL. As I began to take the picture, the frazzled women said to me in a very serious tone, "9 days a week? Where do you suppose they got the two extra days from?" God, George Bush is changing everything!" LOL. Between being completely amused by both the sign on the door of the 99 Cent Store, and the reaction of the woman, I didn't have an answer for her. I just smiled and said, "Isn't that the truth!" LOL. Thank you Kimberleigh, for choosing a great subject for this outing of the Round Robin Challenges.

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"9 Days A Week"
San Leandro, California


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Nine Days a Week? Do the surviving Beatles know about this?

Ah, what luxury that would be. Five days to work, two for weekend errands, and two more for all the stuff we'd like to do for ourselves, and never have the time. Yes, please!


Dorn said...

Oh what I could do with a 9 day week! Two extra days to do absolutely NOTHING! Woo hoo! Thank you George Bush!
Hahahaha! Love the sign!

DesLily said...

I didn't get out to get a sign picture..sigh..

but i do like the idea of 9 days a week! I could go for that!

Kimberleigh said...

9 days huh?? Just two more days for me to say, "I'll do it tomorow!" lol

Sara said...

Nine days per week sounds exciting!! That is, until someone would want us to start working on one of those days.

Excellent post!! :)

Animated Seasons

Tess said...

Sure would be nice but I wonder if the owners of the store pay overtime? Love the image and story!

julie said...

Nine days?

I still wouldn't get anything done.

Thanks for the great pic.

DEREK said...

what a long week. Great entry and picture. I've been reading your whole blog today. It's really put together so nicely. Perfection. It's quite beautiful just like you!

sunflowerkat said...

Bring it on....I could use an extra two days a week. Great photo and story!