Thursday, December 22, 2005

Steven's Feline Friday /Christmas Trivia & Fun Facts

"Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of a child they are all 30 feet tall."

-Larry Wilde (The Merry Book Of Christmas)

It's been a couple weeks since I have done one of Steven's Feline Friday here is my Christmas kitty Elvis, all dressed up and ready to go caroling! LOL. No, actually he is ready to go and play outside. Elvis is a strange boy, he loves to go and play in the rain, the harder the downpour the better! It is a lot of fun to watch him run around the yard or sometimes just lay back on the chair and open up his mouth for the rain to dance on him tongue. My camera has a video feature, I think I will make some holiday movies of him playing in the rain, we are supposed to be getting a lot this week...could be a fun way to spend Christmas day since I will be alone. If you haven't played along with Steven's Feline Friday before, well, here is your chance. Just get a really cool picture of your kitty they hop over to Steven's and leave a link. Do your kitties enjoy Christmas bows and ribbons?

Now, here are 10 Christmas facts and trivia for I thought you might enjoy...

1. A traditional Christmas dinner in early England was the head of a pig prepared with mustard.

2. According to a 1995 survey, 7 out of 10 British dogs get Christmas gifts from their doting owners.

3. "Hot Cockles" was a popular game at Christmas in medieval times. It was a game in which the other players took turns striking the blindfolded player, who had to guess the name of the person delivering each blow. "Hot Cockles" was still a Christmas pastime until the Victorian era.

4. Franklin Pierce was the first United States' president to decorate an official White House Christmas Tree.

5. In 1907, Oklahoma became the last US State to declare Christmas a legal holiday.

6. In 1947, Toys for Tots, started making the holidays a little happier for children by organizing its first Christmas to drive for needy youngsters.

7. The Puritans forbade the singing of Christmas carols.

8. The real St. Nicholas lived in Turkey, where he was bishop of the town of Myra, in the early 4th century. It was the Dutch who first made him into a Christmas gift-giver, and Dutch settlers brought him to America where his name eventually became the familiar Santa Claus.

9. An average household in America will mail out 28 Christmas cards each year and see 28 cards return in their place.

10. During the ancient 12-day Christmas celebration, the log burned was called the "Yule Log." Sometimes a piece of the Yule Log would be kept to kindle the fire the following year. The Yule Log custom was handed down from the Druids.

"Elvis Celebrating"
December 21st, 2005
9:00 PM


Karen Funk Blocher said...

My favorite piece of Christmas trivia is the story of a University student in English days of yore - at Oxford, I think. Confronted in the woods one Christmas morning by a wild boar, the resourceful lad shoved a copy of Chaucer down the boar's throat, choking it. The boar was then carried back to school and prepared for Christmas dinner. - Karen

Tammy said...

I will try and get a shot of my cat playing with a cat toy. She plays with it along side my dog who thinks she's a cat. The dog is small and is female, but because she grew up with my male lab she lifts her leg to pee. Poor thing is all mixed up. LOL

Dave said...

Alas, I have no cat. (sigh) However, I do wish you a very Merry Christmas!