Sunday, December 04, 2005

Someone To Watch Over Me

"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey."

-Stephen R. Covey

If you have been reading me for a year or more, you probably already know about the days on the calendar that I am sure are cursed for me. December 10th, and December 24th. I am a big believer in curses, well just as much as I believe in well wishes anyway. I have had some pretty profound proof to back up my impressions, although I will admit that sometimes a curse can be broken. As an example, the town of Santa Cruz, California used to be off limits to Alan and I, not because Santa Cruz didn't want us there, no, Alan and I made it off limits to ourselves because within 2 weeks of visiting there, something really odd would happen to us. Strange offbeat things. Wiggy things. LOL.

The curse of Santa Cruz was broken this past summer, however, by Micky Dolenz. Micky was appearing in a free concert on the beach, at Santa Cruz, for one night only, and I just had to go see him perform. I have always loved Micky Dolenz and wanted nothing more then to grab a blanket, a corn dog and sit in the cool evening sand on the beach and listen to the music. After much debate, Alan and I decided to take our chances...I sang, I allowed myself to feel some peace...I had a very relaxing time. Thoughts of a silly old curse were a million miles away. And guess what...Micky broke the curse because 2 weeks came and went and while some things didn't go perfectly smoothly...things didn't go weird.

But alas...Micky is nowhere in sight, but there is this guy. One day a little over a month ago, I was driving into my driveway, which is set really far off the road and there he was, just sitting all alone on the brick edging that goes around the yard. The odd thing is that I have no idea how it got there or who it could have belonged to, but there he was sitting in the autumn sun, as if he were guarding the place. Like a Gargoyle. I wish I knew how he got there. There are no children around where I live, we are in the hills, and set off from the road. It was a mystery. I don't recognize who or what he might be. Does he look familiar to you? Let me know in the comments if you recognize him.

So, I have the curse of December 10th and the curse of December 24th. On December 10th every year for almost 21 years, something odd has occurred. Sometimes I don't find out about it until much later, but occur it does. One year, in which I thought I had beat it, I got a call in March about a car accident I had been in that involved a car I had rented on December 10th. The thing is...I hadn't rented a car or had any kind of accident on December 10th. How could I? I was home with my head under the covers. LOL. Weird.

The curse of December 24th involves my being called a *Bitch* by a total stranger every year on Christmas Even...18 years running. LOL. I kid you not, if it happens this year it will be 18 years in a row without fail. LOL. I don't deliberately go out and provoke people, I don't go looking for trouble, nope trouble finds me. One year it was a fight to the death over some plastic bananas. Still another year, it involved some misplaced Lamb Chops, On yet another Christmas Eve it was my driving skills that served as the provocation to a grouchy holiday consumer. The very first time it happened, it was a lovely little nun I know, who just so happens to be inflicted with Turrets Syndrome. LOL.

So, I guess you can see why I am a bit guarded about those two days on the calendar. I have decided to take them one at a time, no fretting about both at the same time. December 10th is next Saturday,so I am planning on staying home and reading a nice, long, book. Maybe some Neil Simon plays or something like that, but I am certainly NOT going out. LOL. Nope, no way. Of course, I do wonder if this strange, and mysterious little plastic man was sent to watch over me. If he was he may have already left his good wishes for me, because one morning I went out for the mail, and he was gone! Vanished! Could it be? Can this little man's good wishes break the curse of December 10th? Tell me what you think. Do you believe in curses? And do you recognize him? :)

"My Pet Gargoyle"
Berkeley, California
November, 2005


Karen Funk Blocher said...

That's definitely not a gargoyle - they are usually more animal types - like gryphons and such. Ours is named George. when he turns up again I'll take a picture.

I can't find any of my mythology/bestiary books at the moment, except for Yeats, and he only did word-pictures. But I think this guy is a troll, a dwarf or a gnome. But if he starts fixing your shoes or doing dishes during the night, he's a brownie.


Wil said...

Actually, he looks like a retired attorney to me. One who has taken up surfing and bumming around the beach. He only surfs the really big stuff these days, so he has time to haunt your venue, warding off evil spirits and misguided purveyors of the "Watchtower" birdcage liner and such like.

And how appropriate: the word verification for this comment was "odzbsty"

Gabreael said...

I wanted to let you know the 1st Edition of the Moved J-Landers are out. I have posted them in my sidebar along with directions on how to download them if you desire to add them to your links.


Unhinged said...

Welp, no, I don't recognize him.

And I don't believe in curses. Only in guardian angels, miracles and blessings, as corny as that is to write. I don't want to give power or spend energy on believing in the bad stuff, you know? It's so much more fun and uplifting to believe in the good stuff. And God knows, we humans need all the help we can get in that department.

IndigoSunMoon said...

One day at a time...that's all we can possibly do Carly.
Love you,

Solitary Dancer said...

Hi sweetie. I agree with Connie. One day at a time. :-)


Laura said...

that is just oo weird, your weirdness....
keep us posted.

Phinney said...

hmm i believe he is some sort of islander from a tiki tribe. look at the grass skirt. heheh. xoxo

Globetrotter said...

The gargoyle is cute, but I wouldn't want him hanging around.

I do believe in curses...I was cursed once and the shenanigans that transpired afterwards for an entire summer were enough to make your hair stand on end.

As far as being called a bitch...don't worry about it. My buddy Luvmort told me that it's now considered a term of endearment!

So there, do whatever you want on December 24th!

Becky said...

Hey! I know that guy! Sometimes it pays to have a 4 year old. Tyler has 4 of him. He's a Happy Meal toy. A character from a cartoon and video game series called TAK.