Saturday, December 03, 2005

Julia Roberts And The Big Yellow Taxi

"A Farewell is necessary before we can meet again, and meeting again after moments or a lifetime is certain for those who are friends."


I don't know. I didn't think I would be writing anymore entries about the exodus from AOL Journal Land. I also thought I had truly put it all behind me, and I thought I was able to keep my feelings and emotions in check, I found out different a little earlier tonight, after reading an open letter posted on Joe's journal over at "Magic Smoke." Sigh. You know, it was a pretty straight forward letter, and I am sure that the man who wrote it, Bill Schreiner, VP AOL Community Programming, meant every word of it. It was a very well articulated, "Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out." And to be sure Mr. Schreiner understood that I saw it for what it was I told him so, among other observations. I don't usually cuss too much, it's just not my personal style, but jeepers I sure wanted to tonight. I got angry. It doesn't happen all that often, I know the difference between feeling angry and feeling mad...and yep...I was angry.

I closed the door on Ellipsis two weeks ago, so I wasn't angry about that issue anymore, I was angry because people I love dearly have been hurt for NO other reason but the pursuit of the corporate dollar. There was no need for this to have happened. There was plenty of time to have either fixed the situation or at least mitigated it by fixing the ridiculous bugs and flaws in the software for those who had decided to stay behind and hope for the best. Joe and John were required to take blow after blow because up until now they were the faces of AOL, but this past week some new faces of AOL were put in the place, I assume to absorb some of the ire, but I have to say I was not impressed with who they chose. The only one I will mention in this entry, Susan, comes off at best incompetent and more then a little condescending. Really...not good. The letter posted tonight, from Mr. Schreiner, was belittling, condescending and insulting. I am glad I didn't see that coming, because at least I haven't gotten so cynical as to have thought that is what AOL might do. Jeepers, he didn't even try to sound sincere.

There is nothing more to say. I will begin archiving Ellipsis over here on Blogspot. It will take a long time, but I worked for over 2 years on the journal. It is a part of my personal history. Someday, when I am gone from this earth, a piece of me will still exist...a joke, a funny story from my silly life, a heartbreak I felt, a passion that burned in me, a friend I made, a friend I lost, days when there wasn't anything in particular happening but the music I heard coming from the Ethereal Musician, days when the camera connected me to life, are all a part of what I put into Ellipsis, no matter what it's incarnation is. Too bad AOL never got that. Too bad for them that there is apparently so little passion in their lives that they don't know passion when they see it. It reminds me of when I had Anhedonia and I couldn't enjoy life in any form. I wouldn't wish that existence on my worst enemy. I pity AOL if that is their existence. I wonder if Julia Roberts would still be doing voice over ads for AOL if she realized they steal intellectual property in order to pay their bills, including her salary? It's all so very sad.

"Listen, late last night I heard the screen door slam, and a big yellow taxi took my love away. Don't it always seem to go, that you don't know what you've got till it's gone, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

-Big Yellow Taxi (Counting Crows Version)

PS If you are wondering how the picture above goes with my entry...hop over to Joe's "Magic Smoke," and read my comment.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Now, see, that letter from the AOL mucky-muck didn't seem that bad to me. To me it read as though he understands that we're passionate and applauds us for it, but thinks we're naive and misguided. I don't know. I kind of liked the letter - other than it making me want to cry, archinve Musings and leave AOL! - Karen

Auntie Lyn said...

I took his letter as totally indifferent to us as paying customers of AOL just as they have been from the beginning of all this. Their mine, mine, mine mind set, and total lack of respect for their customers. At the very least, this letter should have been posted 2 weeks ago.

Yes, he more or less reiterated what I was told when I called to complain. "So sorry you feel that way, but things are the way they are and are not going to change. If you feel you must leave, then by all means, go." Another words as you so eloquently put it ...Don't let the door hit you in the ass...

I will continue to state my opinion thru my FREE aim account now, as I am no longer a member of that lovely company.

Auntie Lyn

moose be dreamin' said...

The unfortunate thing is ... if you leave aol online, they will come. In droves because for one thing, I would NOT be an AOL customer except for the free 6 months which came with this computer I'm writing on. Secondly, once you are a member - GOOD LUCK - EVER getting out from under them. I have known more folks who after their 'free trials' continue to get billed and continue to call to cancel only to get billed again and the circle will not be BROKEN. I would not have chosen the AOL corporation as my email, internet account but I am the guest on this machine ... tee hee.
That is one stinky bear load of crap going on in that joint. I guess my only comment about them is that I was reading this morning about the 'command' of God to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF and to love them even when we don't 'like' them ... so I will 'love' the people who are caught up in the machine and while I will continue to be one of them by default, I don't have to 'like' them.

The powers that be may not miss those of us who have found another land for journaling but like Senators or Presidents, they have so many 'constituents' that our criticism sorta falls off of them because we're not strong enough to vote them out of their respective offices. BAH HUM BUG .. lol ..

The only thing I can provide myself for relief is to know that I don't have to sleep inside their heads at night and I don't have to be in their collective souls when they reach the pearly gates ... that is if they ever get close enough for a view of them.

Divorce is such a nasty thing. But that's a different subject altogether ....

jennifer said...

I found his letter to be so patronizing that it was hysterical. I've always known that once executives get the key to the super-zoomie washroom they tend to flush what clues they once had down with the rest of their sh*$. But this man's a keeper!

Nothing like keeping customers in their places by making them feel like six-year-olds.

I, personally, adored your comment. And I can't wait to watch as AOL slowly starts encroaching on that empty sidebar space of those who remain while all the while continuing to "work on" those neato goodies that are already available elsewhere.

DesLily said...

Read your comment and left one of my own..

You have an overwhelming job ahead.. pace yourself. It's just ashame that we are in a loose loose situation.. each time you log on to save your entries is a Hit for the ad.. each time we read someones journal that has not left.. is a hit for the ad... so.. we may move and we may not have ads here.. but we still give them what they want.. the "hits" to places they have their ads.

How do you choose between not reading an aol journal that you have come to admire that person and their entries... and not giving aol the satisfaction of knowing they win weather you leave or not?

I feel pretty crummy right now.. and i have my journal work almost done (backing up).. just need to save comments ..(just? lol)

DesLily said...

cripes i am so unnerved i can't even spell "loss"... i better not write my daily journal just yet LOL

sunflowerkat said...

If the ads aren't offensive enough...they send march this guy out to try and smooth things over. Another fine mess...what a pile of crap.
has a great line for line rebuttal. I really hits the nail on the head.

Spencer said...


I was upset for a few days by the ads but now I am upset in not being able to view your tremendous art work. I used to visit just to inhale the sensory flavors and to be touched magically by them. I shall look forward to there appearing again.


V said...

Carly, one thing seems sure; as time passes, the many readers who love you will find your wonderful journal again. It just takes time.